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Defining Success

When someone hears the word "success," they immediately conjure up images of enormous wealth, having high positions in their profession, and leading an opulent lifestyle. Some people go so far as to describe success in terms of good luck and health. A child is instilled with the idea of having opulent goods and leading a comfortable life at a young age by being taught to work hard and succeed in the future. By focusing on the lifestyles of some affluent members of society, the mass media has significantly influenced the notion that success is correlated with material possessions and opulence. Therefore, the aspect of defining success differs depending on an individual and the basis of its application based on the person. The success of every individual depends on his or her objectives and motives in life. The definition of success in every person's life based on goals and motives depends on the basic areas an individual focuses on the critical aspects of their lives. These areas differ entirely but include self-focus, business achievements, family, health, material gains, work, spirituality, community, and friends. However, in each of these areas, success comes to an individual based on the achievements and the happiness gained in any given area.

Achievements and Long-Lasting Happiness

Success is also defined by the achievements in one's life that brings a long-lasting happiness, content, and enjoyment of the individuals' life. In this case, it does not mean becoming successful does not include challenges and disappointments. Making achievements in life involve recognizing and overcoming the challenges and obstacles to drive our way up the ladder to acquire success. According to Henry Ford, the definition of success involves finding out what the destiny of an individual is and striving hard reach for that destiny. Therefore, success involves setting goals in a given area and doing everything possible to arrive at those goals to obtain happiness in an individual's life. Furthermore, focusing on the subtleties can lead to more happiness, enjoyment, and fulfillment. For instance volunteering and working for a good cause, acting respectably towards others and avoiding conflicts at all cost leads to a happy and eventful life.

Organizing, Planning, and Leadership

Most importantly, success does not just drop on an individual from heaven, but one must be motivated and strive as well as work hard to achieve success. Accomplishing success requires the highest level of organization, planning, and leadership skills in a person's life. Success requires that one become a person of good character as it forms the foundation of effective leadership. Good leadership, on the other hand, provides the ability of an individual to possess good communication skills, positive image, self-confidence, high integrity, and quality control of emotional intelligence. Therefore, success also includes leadership and influence to others to follow in the footsteps of becoming successful.

The Role of Past, Present, and Future

Furthermore, the past, present and future play a role in the definition of success in that when an individual looks back and have no regrets, are committed to their current goals and have set milestones for the future keeps them motivated and focuses thereby making life interesting and challenging. Thus, the definition of success is not only limited to material gains in life but also encompasses, happiness, fulfillment, personality as well as maintaining a focus on the past, present, and future for an interesting lifestyle and being prepared for the life challenging moments.

June 19, 2023

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