The Impact of Tragic Events on Society

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Tragic Events and their Impact on Ethical Stance

Tragic events detract people from their normal ethical stance due to the emotional crisis involved. The instances tend to show people that they are not actually in control of either their lives or what happens around them (Ferrarello, 2018). As a result, it is a low moment, when an individual tends to withdraw from the usual law of society and personal principles to try to understand the higher powers around them, which are beyond their control. A case in example is a situation where a person loses a loved one. The questions that occur include why death would choose that particular individual and not anyone else. In such a confusion, the bereaved are likely to act wild in an attempt to come into terms with the tragedy.

An Example of a Tragic Event

An example of a tragic event that I have experienced is my work partner losing his mother. What followed was beyond my expectations as he lost control of himself. For instance, he drowned into drug use and ended up risking the business finances. As a result, I experienced much loss as my money could neither cover the taxes, nor pay for court settlements. I have learned that a tragic event to one person could easily extend and affect other people close by, as I became a victim of my friend’s loss.

Dealing with Tragic Events

If I could go back, I would avoid having business partners, as people tend to have different work ethics. However, in a situation where I cannot prevent having one, I would establish strong ground rules. For instance, the adoption of collaborative leadership can ensure that there is an efficient communication involved. In this way, all business partners work together to solve any crisis as it comes (George, 2011). It is essential, as it is impossible to live a tragedy-free life. Despite, the challenges that people experience are the key to shaping them into better situation handlers.


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January 19, 2024

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