Eating conduct

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Eating behavior is a complex behavior that encompasses a wide range of factors that influence our daily consumptions. This paper will discuss my nutritional experiment over the course of 24 hours. I will discuss several components of my nutritional requirements as well as an examination of how carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins were used in my diet. I also provide a review of a traditional Hungarian dish.

I tracked my food intake for a 24-hour period in my consumption journal. Proteins were provided via steak, chicken, eggs, turkey, and beans. I ate potatoes, wheat bread, carrots, lettuce, spaghetti, apples, white rice, and milk for carbohydrates.Finally, for fats, I had olive oil, vegetable oil, olives and regular butter. I managed to consume about 142g of carbohydrates, 133g of fats, and 112g of proteins. I have to eat more vegetables and fruits. My current water intake is 5 cups a day. The table below shows my average daily intake.

Table 1

My Daily Consumption of Micronutrients

Nutrients Breakfast Lunch Dinner My total intake over a 24 hour period

(In Grams)

(In Grams)

Fats 29.12 30.72 73.34 133.18g`s

Proteins 31.21 54.63 26.33 112.17g`s

Carbohydrates 47.29 57.66 36.74 141.69g`s

Figure 1

My Energy Levels

An Estimation of My Energy Expenditure

If cleaning the house uses 12 kJ kg-1 h-1, the number of cleaning hours needed to expend my fat energy levels consumed during the 24 hours will be calculated as fats burned divide by a multiplication of the body weight and the kJ kg-1 h-1.

This is 4921kJ / (55kgs X 12 kJ kg-1 h-1) = 7.456 hrs or 7hrs 26mins.

Hungary's food guide is full of cereals, fruits and vegetables. Hungarians eat a variety of food during breakfast that is cheese, hard boiled eggs, meats or sausage, tomatoes and green peppers, and butter and rolls. During the main meal, lunch they usually start with soup, followed by meat dish with salad and dessert. Similar to breakfast is supper which is typically single dish that may contain soup, or plate of cold meats, vegetables, eggs, and cheese. Despite the fact that most meals end with sweet food for instance noodles, dumplings, pancakes or cake, Hungarians overemphasise the UK Eatwell plate`s idea that products high in fat and sugar should be sparingly eaten. Hungarians follow the suggestions provided in the UK Eatwell plate, regarding daily consumption of dairy or dairy alternatives as they advocate for lower sugar and lower fat options. Proteins contribute most of the food energy in Hungary since the majority of Hungarians consume proteins three times a day, that is by taking in eggs, meat or sausages continuously during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The second most consumed food energy is carbohydrates as Hungarians prefer cereals during breakfast and supper. As a result, Hungarian`s diet is low in fat because of their deep founded tradition in eating lots of cereals, vegetables, meat products, and fruits.


After completing my food journal, I realised that I am not eating enough of what is recommended to maintain my health. It is important to understand the different food types that provide healthy amounts of micronutrients. This analysis is essential for people to keep healthy diets.

April 19, 2023

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