Economic Trends

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The article addresses the hope that the people of the United States of America had only after the elections regarding the country's economic prosperity. However, the economy is said to be plodding along at the same pace as it has for the previous eight years. Despite a fall in the unemployment rate and increased stock market activity, the economy's growth rate has stayed constant at 2%, as stated by President Donald Trump (Irwin). Relation of the article with the learning outcome

The article provides an extension of the issues in the learning outcome by indicating the practical aspects of the theoretical knowledge gained from the outcomes. For example, the article describes economic growth by providing a percentage comparison between the economy in the post-election era and the situation during the former president’s reign. According to this article, growth has remained steady at 2% just like it was eight years ago (Irwin). The article also gives us a clear depiction of the economic status about the learning outcome.

Article Critique

The article is properly detailed and provides the necessary information for which it was intended. However, the author does not take the readers through the various issues that must have contributed to the stagnation in the economic status. Secondly, the organization of the article is not attractive at all. Readers cannot tell what the introduction, body or conclusion is since the whole piece is a block. The author should have separated the various parts of the article using subheadings. This would make the work of any average reader easier as it would function as a guideline through the reading process.

Works Cited

Irwin, Neil. "Confidence Boomed After The Election. The Economy Hasn’T.." N.p., 2017. Web. 10 July 2017.®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=6&pgtype=collection

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