Edgar Degas, Dancers in the Wings

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The primary goal of this paper is to address the artwork "Dancers in the Wings" by Edgar Degas, which can be seen at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. This work of art was created between 1876 and 1878. The artwork is on a variety of colored papers. This demonstrates Edgar Degas's skill in drawing and painting objects. The painting depicts two ladies who seem to be dancing. The two ladies are dressed traditionally for dances. Because of the 'wings' feature, the outfits can be considered conventional. The dancers have also improved their appearance by wearing flowers on their heads. Edgar Degas has portrayed the real picture of a dancer in the art “Dancers in the Wings.” The artwork is made of pastel paste, distemper and gouache. All these are materials used by an artist who tends to make a portrait of art. These materials are widely used by artists to portray the ‘real image’ of a drawing. The dancers in the wings showcase the artistic ability of Edgar Degas.

The art ‘Dancers in the Wings’ is among one of the sophisticated image made by Edgar Degas. This is because of its technical nature. It is also one of the sorted pictures in the Norton Simon Museum. Edgar used color composition to portray the essentials of the picture he intended to draw. This is evident from the way he painted the image. The colors were applied in their wet state with a brush. Edgar Degas also used liquid skeins. This can be seen from the ornament type in the dancer’s hair. This managed to bring out the airy effect in the tutus. According to the drawing of the dancers in the wings, Edgar Degas seems to have started the drawing with the dancer in pink. The art is done perfectly so as to allow for the drawing of the second dancer. Edgar Degas has tried to use the different colors in different parts to showcase the difference in composition.

Edgar Degas used a brush for the reverse of a stage flat. He does this in rapid to bring out the effect he intended to portray to this audience. Edgar seems to have targeted art lovers. This is because he has incorporated almost all the techniques used in drawing and painting. The light of the drawing is limited reflecting that it is daytime. However, each artist has a different perception of the time the drawing was done.

Edgar Degas has also incorporated modernism in his drawing as both dancers have been beautified by use of ornaments. This has blended perfectly with the traditional aspect of dance. The colors used are not bright. This makes the drawing not to appear conspicuous. In art, the artist should emerge in his/ her work. This gives a ‘mileage’ to the artist in this competitive world that has endorsed art. The brushwork of the ‘Dancers in the Wings’ seem to be have done when the paint was wet. This is because the color paintings of the image are not uniformly spread. It's only wet paint that is not spread uniformly due to the density of the liquid. Edgar Degas seems to have focused much on the wings of the dancers and the hair too. This is because of the density of the color. The color composition has signified the aspects of art. Edgar Degas seemed to have had a clear understanding of art as depicted by his drawing. The dancers are well drawn. The painting is also done in an expertise manner to make the viewers understand the hidden concept of the drawing.

The artist has managed to use a composition of numerous materials to bring out the intended image. Edgar Degas in the drawing has used liquid skeins to bring out the effect he wanted to portray. The color composition is also evident. The need of color composition was to enable the audience to see the two dancers. Both dancers are visible at all angles. The highlighting of the image has managed to make the details of the drawing to be visible. This has managed to differentiate all the aspects of the two dancers in the image. The dancer at the back seems to be in a continuous motion of dance following the first dancer in movement. In art, drawings that portray movements ought to be defined by composition. Edgar Degas has managed to portray the dance movements.

The size of the two dancers in the image also is evident. The two persons differ in height. The front dancer seems to be taller than the dancer at the back. However, the front dancer is not fully seen. This is however well incorporated by Edgar Degas. Art ought to be self-explanatory. This is because different persons have different perceptions and views in regards to the same art. The drawing of the dancers in wings has showcased the aspects of art as the drawing are self-explanatory. The audience can relate to what Edgar Degas was trying to portray in his drawing.

It is therefore evident that Edgar Degas managed to portray his intended intentions on is drawing. The dancers in the drawing have worn traditional clothing but have also beautified themselves by use of ornaments. They also have flowers on the hair. Edgar Degas through this art has managed to portray the movements of the dancers. The drawing showcases that both dancers were in a dancing motion. Art should be easy to understand and also should incorporate the happenings that occur in real life. In real life, dancers always wear different kinds of attires that are a little bit different from the normal attires. This brings out the uniqueness of the dancers from the ordinary people. In the drawing of the ‘Dancers in the Wings’ both dancers have wings wrapped around their waists. This way, the dancers seem to have worn a unique kind of clothing.

Therefore, art should incorporate the basic principles. For instance, color use, composition, and light ought to be well incorporated to bring out the ‘real image’ of the drawing. Artists should manage to use their expertise so as to enable the audience to understand their artistic work easily. Edgar Degas used basic materials, for instance, color and liquid skeins to bring out the image of dancers. Dancers in the ancient time were regraded to be important people in the society as they could portray the traditions of the society through their dance and also through the attires they wore.

May 04, 2022

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