Effects of leadership style on employee commitment

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Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership, which I practice, attempts to inspire change in individuals, teams, and organizations. As a transformative leader, my main goal is to inspire others to go above and beyond what they had initially planned. As a leader, I give my subordinates power (Murphy Company, n.d.).

Employee and Organizational Commitment

Employee commitment is the possibility that a person stays employed by a company whether or not they find their work rewarding and feels psychologically committed to it (Murray, 2017). Organizational commitment is the idea that an organization is successful in attaining its goals. Notably, there exists a positive association between transformational leadership style and employee commitment in terms of economic, morale, as well as values. As a matter of fact, this leadership is a better predictor of employees’ commitment.

Effect of Leadership Styles on Communication and Productivity

Communication and productivity can be affected by leadership styles. Leaders who do not solicit others may interfere or slow up communication to fit their needs leading to inaccurate and ineffective information. Moreover, productivity can be improved and more efficient work methods created through employee input. Moreover, the effectiveness of the employee input is greatly affected by leadership style used. Employee productivity can be maximized when managers who set clear goals (Stevenson, n.d.).

Learning Activity 2

To correct the problem, I would explain to each driver individually, providing insight on the effect of that matter on entire business performance. I will use examples from other organizations to demonstrate the consequences of such actions on any the business. The driver bonus would be linked to a delivery report to guarantee seriousness so that compensation will be affected by repeated errors. Transformational leadership style will be applicable to motivate the employees and to ensure accuracy. Notably, the results of the style may be delayed thus making it difficult. However, each situation may need different style. For instance, a leadership style such as autocratic may be used to get work done by force.


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February 14, 2023

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