Effects of Technology on Children's Learning Capabilities

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Technology and Its Impact on Children's Learning

Technology is one of the challenges that has changed over time. The media has seen a growth in several derivations as a result of increased technology. Nowadays, people are increasingly likely to incorporate technology into their daily lives. Children in this situation are among those who have experienced the impact of technology at home and even in school. It is necessary to look at new trends in both individual and social pathologies and to establish policies. Thus, the topic of this conversation is how technology affects kids' ability to learn.

The Importance and Harmful Effects of Technology on Children's Learning

Children's ability to reflect, reason, and make conclusions is based on their experiences as they grow up. Technology is realized to be of both importance and harmful to the learning process among children. For this reason, the lessons that the children encounter in their stages of development mark a significant turning point in their lives. In this case, technology is part of what the children are facing each day(Smith, 2013). Through the frequent changes in the development of technology, it has turned out to have a very high impact on the learning ability of the children. From previous studies and statistics, frequent exposure of children to the so-called digital natives is wiring the brains in various ways compared to the earlier generations.

The Effect of Technology on Children's Learning

The effect of technology depends on the type of technology that the children are exposed to in their development stages, and how frequent it is used. The issue of technology needs public attention to ensure it does not ruin the children’s learning process. In the learning process of children, the ability to recall the things that they experience in the previous encounters marks the strength of a child’s learning capability. Frequent use of technology has enhanced dependence by all machinery users. The addiction to technology has been pointed out to be the dominant emerging trend in the young generation. The children want to do everything with the help of technology because it is easy and fast. For this reason, the ability to learn among children has been lowered since they depend on the information given online. The existence of technology has encouraged laziness among most children in the learning exercise, and hence final poor grades in their schoolwork. Evidently, the technique has been realized to affect the ability to learn among children.

Addressing the Negative Impact of Technology on Children's Learning

Although the emerging technology has brought about many positive impacts in the society as a whole, numerous drawbacks are recognized as a result. I feel it is something that needs to be publically addressed to each user involved. In this case, the children should be kept as center of interest since it factual that they are the most impacted by its negativity. For instance, technology has changed the thinking of children of various age brackets. For example, much exposure to the available technology turns out to distract and even decrease a child’s memory. When a child frequently uses search engines, he or she becomes very good at finding actual information that may be very useful in any study. The only negative impact drawn by this type of technology is that such a child may turn out to be poor in remembering the same information. Consequently, the children fail to have adequate opportunities to use their imagination and think deeply about study materials (Kolikant, 2010).

Strategies to Mitigate the Negative Impact of Technology on Children's Learning

The negative impacts of technology on the ability to learn in children should be publicly addressed starting from ensuring that the use of technology is highly monitored. Even though technology such as the use of computers in schools may be involved in any study environment, the classroom computers should have restrictions on which sites can be accessed. Besides, there should be a close observation on what the children are doing on the networks so that they may not stray from what they are supposed to do at a given time(Purcell K, 2013). Moreover, the students should be given alternatives to technology. For instance, the teachers should provide hard copy assignments students that will require studying outside the classrooms. Through this, it will be easy for the children to involve their minds in the learning process actively. Public awareness of this issue of adverse effects on the learning ability of children will aid in the understanding of what should be done in the replacement of some technology exposed to children.

The Importance of Balancing Technology and Children's Social Development

The topic turns out to be a crucial concern in the learning process of children. It in return calls for the strategies that are to be put into consideration in the state. There should be a significant concern in the impact of technology on the social development of children and determine how to balance the emerging trends with the growth process(Buckingham, 2013). Parents and other elder people should be informed on how to control the children in the use of technology both at home and at school. For the emerging technology to be useful to the society as a whole, the government should intervene in controlling the use of technology in schools. It can be achieved through banning the use of computers in some of the learning environments. Besides, frequent reminders should be kept in the media sources so that people get to learn how technology should be used without noticing its negative impacts. Through this, the children will be exposed to the alternatives of technology with ease other than depending on technology in everything they do as a form of learning. It will not be possible to do away with technology in our lives but having control over its use will be of great importance in promoting its positivity.


Conclusively, the discussion has given an executive summary of the importance of technology in learning, and the impact it has on the children. It is realized that even though technology has brought about both merits among its users, it also has its demerits as well. Technology is part of the emerging trends in the societies we are living in today and hence cannot be done away with so quickly. It is realized that children are exposed to technology to this technology at a young age while at home or even in school. Some schools have gone as far as incorporating the use of computers in teaching. To some point, this has geared the expansion of technology and the exposure of children to many new things. Unfortunately, the technology has turned to have adverse effects on children besides the positive ones. It has encouraged laziness among children through its addiction ability. Besides, it is one of the causes of distraction at some point of learning and has changed so many things in children. The way children feel and how they think has been contributed to by the available technology. It has ended up being an issue that needs to be addressed publically. I think the public address on the negative impacts on the learning ability of children will curb the problems that are brought about by technology.


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April 13, 2023
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