Emerging Technologies, Trends, and Applications

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Emerging Technological Trends

Among the emerging technological trends are the emergence of machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, smart homes, virtual reality, and automation (DeMers, 2016). These new technologies will assist our society by increasing efficiency in homes and industries and making interactions between individuals easier. For example, automation will reduce industrial accidents since robots will be utilized to perform monotonous and dangerous tasks that were previously performed by humans (Chinniah, 2015). The rise of smart houses will save electricity costs, increasing efficiency and lowering power loss. Smart houses will help to reduce energy waste as well as pollution in the environment. Machine learning is on the rise with companies such as Google and IBM investing enormous sums of money in this area (DeMers, 2016). As more firms invest a lot of resources in this area, the society will benefit in many ways. Machine learning will facilitate visualization of large data, hence facilitating decision making in organizations. Machine learning will facilitate demand forecasting hence minimizing products wastage.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another emerging technology that will benefit our society. Virtual reality will help streamline operations in various areas among them production, human resource, finance, and marketing. For instance, a production environment can be simulated in virtual reality giving firms more information about a process or part of a system (Marr, 2017). Virtual reality is of great importance in prototyping and design of products. Companies can utilize Virtual reality to simulate and visualize the different segments of the whole process and make improvements in areas that are inefficient. Virtual reality is great for companies since they can use if to examine and test the efficiency and reliability of a system or a process. As new technologies continue to emerge, the society will benefit from reduced cost of operations, increased efficiency hence increasing their output.


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June 12, 2023
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