Environmental Variables for Launching Earthquake Bed in Italy

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A revolutionary invention: earthquake bed

A revolutionary invention, an earthquake bed, has elicited mixed reactions from the general public. Several considerations must be weighed, such as environmental conditions, which have an automatic effect on consumer decisions. The paper would include a quantitative overview of the environmental factors that aid in the launch of the earthquake bed, using Italy as an example of a country where earthquake beds could be delivered. Both aspects that have an effect on a company's success are referred to as marketing climate variables. To deal with those problems, a business must first think about the consumer climate (Dawson 45). Environmental variables are divided into two categories. These are macro and microenvironment variables.

Microenvironmental Variables


The first factor relating to a micro market environment is suppliers. An earthquake bed is a new product on the Italian market. Hence, the innovativeness of this product, along with the absence of any competitive offers, can attract new buyers. Another significant factor is resellers. The effectiveness of a marketing strategy relies on distributors and their reputation. Since an earthquake bed is a new product on the Italian market, there are no well-known sellers of this innovation. Therefore, it will take time to introduce this product to a broad audience. Notably, there are other important microenvironmental variables that would be important during the launch of earthquake bed in Italy would be investors (Dawson 65). The product being new in the Italian market, it is necessary to have smart and able investors who would work towards ensuring the smooth introduction of the product into the market.

Competition and Community

Additionally, competition is an important aspect when introducing the earthquake bed. Since the product was new in the Italian market, there was little competition available. This was an advantage to the company since they would have the market to themselves. However, low completion is itself a challenge since the customers would experience the low level of demands thus affecting the overall sales. The community and media ta large would also play a big role in the launch of the product (Dawson 94). The community would support the initiative based on the possibility of employment opportunities being available. Furthermore, the media would help in proliferating the history and relevant information of the product that should get to the clients.

Macro Environment Variables

Macro environment variables play a crucial role in the successful implementation of marketing strategies. The first factor is economic. An unfavorable economic climate affects the customer's decision-making process. However, the Italian economy is one of the largest in the world. In 2016, the Italia's gross domestic product was $1.8 trillion (Italy - market overview 2017). Specialists say that the key economic indicators will be increasing in the future years.


Another important factor is demographic. Age, an education level, lifestyle, and some other characteristics have a significant impact on the situation in a market. The Italian population is around 60 million (The Italian market environment 12). However, most people are Italian. There is little ethnic diversity hence this largely contributes to the weaker purchasing power realized. On the other hand, people between the ages of 15 and 54 form more of the Italian population accounting for about 50% of the entire population (Ipsen 17). It is a positive factor for the development of a new market.

Natural Factors

The most crucial aspect of distributing this type of product is a natural factor. The main purpose of an earthquake bed is to protect an owner from getting injuries in case of an earthquake (Around the world 15). Italy is a seismically active region. Italians experienced many devastating earthquakes. Therefore, the introduction of an earthquake bed to the Italian public might inspire a great interest.

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December 21, 2022

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