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When I was eleven years old

When I was eleven years old, my father passed away, leaving me with something I would cherish for the rest of my life: a computer with numerous installed programs. As a result, I started to spend the most of my time and days fooling about with the keyboard, looking at various computer screen savers, and playing games. I eventually became interested in becoming a computer scientist as a result. Furthermore, computers and technology in general played a major role in my education throughout high school and my first two years of college. As a result, I've come to realize that learning computer science is essential to navigating the current dynamism. Nevertheless, my passion has been in helping people through developing teamwork and inspiring the people around me to be passionate about what they do. To do that, I need an academic background in the respective field of computer science that will enable me to be intrinsically motivated towards ensuring that the people are in a position to survive in the dynamic world.

Besides, being self-driven

Besides, being self-driven, I hope to work in a career that provides me an opportunity to explore the different aspects of technology and understand what it takes to be abreast with the scientific explorations. For instance, we are living in a world where cybercrime has become a threat to everyone. As a result, it is important to be part of the larger team that works together to combat the threats through innovations in the computer science field. Hence, I hope to make change through taking the program at your university which will develop my sense of responsibility and service to the society as a whole.

Natural Sciences

Learning about new ways to think and program things around the world through engaging in Natural Science program propels my desire to study in the program. With my father having passed during my early years in high school, I was faced with the responsibility to take care of the family through working as a part time at an electronics shop. Through the various interactions with the electronics, I came to develop my talent regarding handling electronic appliances especially computers that would allow me to develop software that could be applied to detection of firewall breaches. Besides, I intend to attain my Ph.D. in natural sciences so as to help create a better world by participating in developing solutions to contemporary issues like global warming through natural means. Furthermore, having lost my father to skin cancer at such a tender age, I have come to understand the need to develop a radiation-free world I which the ozone will be preserved and spare the people the agony of suffering skin cancer as a result of global warming. Besides, having a background in basic sciences like Physics and Chemistry, I have an opportunity to further my studies at your university which uphold the need for diverse careers in the natural sciences program. Consequently, I hope to impact positively on the vision and mission of the university by delving into the research around how natural sciences can be applied in making the university life better for studies in the various sciences. For example, my research into the means to combat cybercrime and global warming will improve the perception and reputation of the university as an organization that values their responsibility to the society and the environment at large.

April 13, 2023


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