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In the last two decades, I have witnessed daily human lives being gradually overtaken by advancement in technology. Today, there are numerous WI-FI enabled technology gadgets that have transformed the way people work, interact or even the way parents raise their children. Offices are highly characterized by video conferencing, emails, laptop computers, tablets as well as the latest innovations in technology (Guo & Wu, 2010). As a result, my personal life just as comparable ton many others, is mainly influenced by technological gadgets such as smart phones. This paper will seek to make assessment regarding the future technology in three main areas such as electronics, energy and healthcare.

Analysis of Future probabilities

Unquestionably, the human race has turned out to be dependent on technology for common daily activities such as calculations, transport, healthcare, and food as well as shopping. For this reason, based on the high dependency rate on technology, it is critical to evaluate or project how human life is more likely to be transformed with the rapid advancement of technology. This way, I believe that individuals will be able to prepare adequately for the effects of technology in terms of family lifestyle, work life as well as personal life.

Energy Sector and Environment

,           ` As far as energy sector is concerned, future technological advancements are more likely to transform methods through which individuals will be able to identify and bind eco-friendly and renewable energy (Guo & Wu, 2010). Typically, energy is considered to be a vital factor towards human lives as it is required for electricity, heating and also as a critical factor in transportation.  More advanced countries are using technology to tap energy from renewable sources such as wind, sunlight and water (Guo & Wu, 2010). Thus, current trends estimate that technology will enable many countries to produce energy that is eco-friendly and one that is unlimited for the purposes of improving the level of production. I believe that people will not only enjoy cheap and unlimited energy but will also employ sustainable methods, which will not negatively affect the environment.


             Electronics is yet another critical area that is more likely to be affected by the fast advancement in technology. I believe that electronic sector will employ technological tools and instruments that are more smart, interactive and sleek. For instance, as shown by the present trends of computers, phones and television, these technological gadgets are becoming smaller and transportable; thus, the most likely projection is that future technology will allow individuals to have not only efficient electronic tools but also ones that are portable (Marcovitz, 2013). As a result, people will be allowed to multi-task in various essential activities.

 In addition, advancement ion technology will result to more interactive technological tools that have the capacity of providing needs more easily and in efficient manner (Marcovitz, 2013). Eventually, electronic sector will result in improved consumer satisfaction due to higher efficiency and user-friendliness. Besides, individuals will be able to communicate more efficiently and broaden their social networks resulting to negative social consequences due to the fact that such technological; gadgets will allow for over-reliance and high dependency levels on technology (Marcovitz, 2007). Consequently, as evidenced by the current technological trends, traditional social interactions such as face-to-face communications will be forgotten.


Also, technological advancement in healthcare sector are more likely to gain immense benefits as evidenced by current study reports. For instance, healthcare researchers have begun employing the use of technology in creating or developing bionic limbs as well as cloning of organs (Zhao, 2011). Through technological advancements, individuals will have access to a more improved healthcare service in future (Zhao, 2011). Additionally, I believe that people will not be described through their biological set up since genes and other critical parts of human biological setup will eventually be altered by technology. On the other hand, I believe that various ethical and moral issues will result from advancement in technology in future such as the process of cloning. Conversely, healthcare is more likely to be made more accessible, interactive and cheaper for individuals thus, reducing or completely eliminating existing disparities in care provision resulting from diverse demographic factors such as race, income levels, age, sexual orientation as well as level of education (Zhao, 2011).



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August 01, 2023


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