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The LRSL gene causes the deleterious phenotype Larsen-like Syndrome ("Gene Map Advanced Search"). The syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the growth and development of bones throughout the body with symptoms such as upward-turning feet and dislocated joints varying throughout the family ("Larsen Syndrome"). Larsen-like syndrome, as opposed to Larsen Syndrome, is a more lethal disorder that occurs from the combination of Larsen phenotype and pulmonary hypoplasia. The disease takes both recessive and dominant inheritance patterns, an indication that a child is at high risk if either of the parents is a victim (Orhan et al.). Primarily, the fetus lacks enough oxygen and blood during the second half of gestation. Consequently, facial and bone anomalies develop, which can usually affect the entire family depending on the dominance of the LRSL gene. Larsen-like syndrome is managed through different procedures such as conservative management of dislocations with serial casting (Kaissi et al.).

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