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I. First Main Idea: This section will involve doing some research on the topic that I will talk about which is on Native American and about the audience who will listen to my speech. It will encompass the main aim of my speech will include informing, entertaining the audience and persuading them about especially in relation to the topic that I am going to talk about.

A. First Sub point of 1: The specific purpose of this speech will encompass the thoughts and the statements which offer my speech the right direction that will go beyond the general purpose. This part will also focus on what I am trying to achieve with the speech.

B. Second Sub point of 1: In this part, I will greet my audience while trying to capture their full attention. I will then give a short summary of what Native America is and what audience are expected to learn from the topic.

1. First Sub point of B. Basically, the audience will be able to understand what I am going to talk about from this speech and thus they will familiarize themselves with what the content of my speech is. In this section, I will not tell them what they want to hear but rather what they should hear.

II.  Second Main Idea In this section, I am going to illustrate my main ideas and I will provide points which will support the ideas. I will focus on explaining in details what Native American is and thus I will be required to provide specific details and examples.  In this part, I will have to do a summary of all the major ideas. I will also close the speech with a call to action and all the vital message which will all depend on ideas about Native American topic. In this case, I will repeat in brief what I have informed them so that some people could understand.


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