Essay on Titanic Movie

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Select a scene from a book, TV show, or movie, and describe what is happening in the scene.

When Rose is being taught by Jack how to fly in front of the Titanic

What makes this scene so great?

This scene is not only an epitome of love between Jack and rose but also defines a second focus in the movie apart from the sinking ship

Include a memorable quotation from the scene, or paraphrase an action that occurs.

Rose comes to where Jack is, at the front of the ship, and tells him that she has changed her mind and ready to fly.

Step 2: Write Your Essay



Paragraph 1:

Provide a summary of the scene.

My most favorite scene in Titanic is when Rose is being taught by Jack how to fly in front of the Titanic. This scene shows Rose coming upon Jack, his lover, and apologizing for declining to heed to his request earlier that day when he emphasized that she should shun lifestyle that was more of slavery, lest she dies. After that, Jack stands on the railing of the Titanic, holds Rose's arms and spreads them out.  Afterwards, Rose utters one of the most famous lines, "I’m flying.” And for the first time, Jack and Rose share a kiss; with beautiful music playing in the background.

Paragraph 2:

Use analysis to closely examine the scene and explore why it is so compelling.

Make a claim about what makes this scene great.

Is it the descriptive language?

The skillful acting?

The realistic dialogue?

The exquisite set design?

Or something else?

Be sure to include a memorable quotation from the scene, or paraphrase an action that occurs.

The scene is the most compelling because it embodies love in the midst of crisis in a very skillful and creative manner. In addition to displaying the power of love in overcoming desperate situations, the scene exhibits the fact that a person can get love anywhere, in spite of the prevailing circumstances. The scene is timely and coherently intertwined in the movie’s plot. Just at a critical time, Jack gets a response he had just been waiting for. Rose comes to where Jack is, at the bow of the ship, and tells him that she has changed her mind and ready to fly with him, “Hello Jack…I changed my mind...”

The scene is a perfect display of skillful acting engraved into knowledge and purpose to achieve certain ends.

Paragraph 3:

Include a response section in which you defend your love of the book, show or movie, explaining how the element you selected to analyze illustrates the appeal of the work for you.

I can confidently say that Titanic is one of the best movies ever acted in human history. I love the movie because of some reasons. First, Titanic is a combination of real story and creativity. Through skillful acting, the cast presents the Titanic ordeal in a ‘real-life’ scenario case and aptly combined with fiction such as Jack and Rose flying. Besides, the unstoppable power of love is demonstrated. Even in the midst of the crisis of the sinking ship, Jack gets the love of his heart. In particular, the scene, Jack and Rose flying, illustrates the perfect work for me because of demonstration of hope and love amidst crisis. 

Step 3: Check Your Work

Make sure your submission does the following:

Incorporates a quotation or paraphrase in the summary

Reflects an understanding of the use of summary and analysis

Has a clear paragraph structure

Writing Foundation Checklist Put an X in each column after you have checked your writing for the following writing elements:











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