Ethics in Negotiation

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A set of accepted rules of behavior in an organization or institution is called ethics. It plays a significant role in the achievement of aims by an individual or a group. Ethical influence is the effect of these agreed standards on a company's performance during negotiations. At the same time, mediation is connected to engaging in a conversation to guarantee a beneficial outcome. Successful communication is based on six principles of ethical influence: reciprocity, liking, commitment, scarcity, authority, and social proof (Caldini, 2006). During a discussion regarding the reasons why our neighborhood experienced cases of a theft whereas there was a security firm designated to guard the locality raised eyebrows leading to negotiations between the security firm personnel, the managers as well as the neighbors. The security personnel underlined the lack of adequate support and compliance from some of the people living in the neighborhood segment that was prone to cases of theft. There was a desire to ensure the existence of harmony among the security guards and the residents of the neighborhood in a bid to curb the melee a fact that underlined the commitment from both the parties. As a result, the security managers underscored the need for the for both the security staff and the residents to emulate the security systems in other neighborhoods. He emulation acted as a social proof for both the parties (Caldini, 2006). Both the neighbors and the security firm pronounced severe repercussions in the event where either side failed to comply with the agreed standards that aimed at ensuring the existence of safety in the locality a move that provided that highlighted the presence of authority as far as security was concerned. The use of the moral influence approach was vital in ensuring the cause of the problem, and a subsequent attainment of the desired goal.


Caldini, R. B. (2006). Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Journal of Marketing Research, 111-135.

May 04, 2022

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