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The 24/7 Youth Films Awards Night event will be staged in an Australian subhurb known as Manly Oval. This Sydney harbour has sandy and cool holiday vibe that make an ideal place for spending holiday and launching events (Hewson, 2015). The event will be managed and operated under the Stars event, a Company that won Events and Meetings Australia, an honour given to the most excellent specialist in launching and staging well-planned events. Manly Oval subhurb, where the event will be staged is owned by the Northern Beaches Council (Hewson, 2015). This means that the council must be contacted to obtain the accessibility before rights launching any event. The regulations of the Council declare that all events taking place on public and within council facilities must adhere to the Event Waste Management Guidelines. In addition, an application must be accompanied with a Copy of Event Waste Management Plan to guarantee that the management is capable of maintaining the standards of a neat environment. Normally, the event venue, Manly ground, can accommodate approximately 5,000 people or an equivalent of 2,000 seats. As an event manager, this number is enough compared to the anticipated number of roughly 300 expected to attend the 24/7 Youth Films Awards.

As an event manager, it is crucial to understand different key elements and environmental weather conditions of an event in order to prepare a unique set of requirements that will offer a customized experience to all clients. The first key element is the venue where the awards will take place. Manly Oval is an ideal location that can be easily accessed on walk or through a ferry. In terms of size and standards, the venue meets adequate needs of the event such as the population expected to attend the event. The next key element is a budget of running the entire event ranging from its primary planning, marketing and launching of the real occasion. The budget and marketing will be planned and executed by the stars events Company that possesses a reputable record in launching reputable events. The environmental condition of night the event will take place in December is forecasted to be cloudy with average temperatures ranging from 230 – 180C.

2. Maps

Establishing a proper event management planning with an efficient mapping is significant to ensuring the success of any given event. Manly Oval is a sporting area located in Sydney, Australia and this may cause navigation problems especially to potential first-time attendees of the 24/7 Outdoor Film Awards. Therefore, it is important to use a clear and effective location maps showing Manly with Sydney (Figure 1.1) and the event location in Manly (Figure 1.2).


Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

3. Site Plan

The site plan will show the key sections, facilities and extend of Manly Oval ground to accommodate the 24/7 Outdoor Film Event. The drawing representation of Manly Oval ground is shown in figure 1.3 below.

Figure 1.3

This site plan outlines the key layout of the location based on different elements that are critical to the event. It has outlined the most fundamental components such as the stage, AV- speakers, flag pole, toilets, parking and seating area. Specifically, the Manly Oval ground will hold 300 guests during the 24/7 Outdoor Youth Film Event. The stage will be directly facing the seating area with a flag post and UV-speakers placed in the direction of the guests. Based on this site, the seating area will be divided into three basic sections each constituting of 100 guests. Normally, Manly Oval has a total capacity of 5,000 guests which is equivalent to 2000 seats when fully occupied. The partial occupation by 300 guests of this event will create moving paths to facilitate easy entry, exit and any emergency movements such as visiting the wash rooms. The toilets are located just few metres south-west from the seating location hence facilitating accessibility by the gusts. The ground has a wide parking area that can hold more than 200 vehicles.

4. Gantt chart

Gantt chart is a graphical representation of different schedules of a project. This chart reveals the relationship between different activities of an event relative to the current standing (Chamber, 2017). For instance, all activities scheduled to take place during the Outdoor Film Event night can be represented based on time interval for each and date. The chart shows different tasks to be performed on a vertical axis and the time given for each on horizontal axis. The early beginning time approach while building gantt chart in order to make certain that each scheduled event will take place instantly after completion of the subsequent event. As an event manager, applying this strategy to formulate the 24/7 Youth Film Awards will ensure that time maximization for all scheduled programmes is considered. This gantt chart will cover all event from the planning stage to day of the event as shown in figures 1.4 and 1.5 below.

24/7 Youth Film Awards

Gantt chart (Dates of Schedules)

Figure 1.4

Gantt Chart (Time period for each schedule)

Figure 1.5

On 1st December, it will be on Sunday hence most Christian are usually busy in their respective worshipping centers. In addition, it is globally recognized as a resting day hence the meeting will not be conducted. As an event manager, I have chosen to schedule the meeting on 2rd because it will be convenient to the organizing officials from the star event Company. In the planning meeting, members from different departments of the star event centre will be present. Based on the specific needs and expectation of this event, the technical team will be present to prepare and learn the key details and requirements of the event. The star event centre is comprised of a well-dedicated and proficient team in lighting, audio-visual and other communication services that will make the 24/7 Youth Film Awards more interesting. The preparations will take 7 days and the event will take 7 days.

5. Production Schedule

As the event manager, I have drafted the event production schedule in conjunction with professionals from Stars event. In order to make the event successful, the productions schedule must be executed based on specific requirements that will make all activities to happen as expected. The production schedule will outline when different tasks related to the event planning should start.

5.1.Event Start date

The event planning including the first meeting will be conducted on 2rd December. The initial meeting will be comprised of the manager and other workers responsible for event preparation from the Stars event. After this meeting, other crucial tasks will commence promptly to avoid any delay or postponing of the event. From the start date, the event will take 7 days.

5.2.Completion Date

Following the effectiveness and rapid ability of the Stars event Company to plan event under a precise schedule, the completion day will be on 7th

December. This is the day when the 24/7 Outdoor Youth Film Awards will officially commence. It is the major focus of adopting a systematic event planning. During the completion day, the weather pattern is predicted to be calm and cloudy hence it will offer a super-cool moment for the event. This date will be on Friday hence more suitable to since it will not affect the job schedules of the guests involved.


The event will be a yearly film festival competition for youths ranging between the ages of 12 – 24. The competitors in this festival will be given 7 days each day having 24 hours to creatively generate a 7 minute short film. The instructions of this festival require the films to consist of a dialogue, special props and locations that are instructed during the first 24 hours. The event will take a period of 7 days. During the first six days, all films are displayed on a large screen whereby all the audience can view appropriately. Date 7th December, will be the finishing day of the event whereby the final competitions will take place. There are various activities that are vital before the actual beginning of this event ranging from legal to the individual Company responsibilities.


As the event manager, I will maintain constant site visits to evaluate the setting of the necessary facilities such as chairs and decorations performed by the Stars event Company (Bender, 2018). Visiting the site on regular basis will also foster meeting with the event programme members hence solving any emergency challenges that need addressing. The business objective of this event will be to award 12 – 24 year-old youths who emerge as winners in the Competition. In order to make this event successful the tasks that will be involved are; consultation with Northern Beach Council, Filling event submission form, Site preparation, Event Marketing and commencement of the event.

5.5.Primary Responsibility

The Star events Company will be responsible for gathering the necessary resources and infrastructure. Based on the nature of this event, the most significant resources include; chairs, disco led lights, security lights and human resources. The event Stars Company will work with its trained team of employees ranging from technical experts, security guards and other participants such as Djs who enhance excellence in the event. 

5.6.Secondary responsibility

The Stars Events Company has numerous employees who ensure that the expected duties in the event are performed appropriately even when one critical official fails to attend due to personal circumstances such as sickness.


This event is under the category of logistics because it involves instituting efficient management tools and event planning in order to enable people attend the event site on time. This production schedule list comprised of six events therefore it will be easy and uncomplicated to execute.

6. Risk Assessment

Based on the nature of this event, there are various potential hazards that can affect the progress of the Outdoor Youth Film Awards in manly. As a result of this factor, risk analysis will be conducted to determine the potential threats that might affect this event. The following risks will be considered (Crane et al,. 2016);

i) Strategic Risks

The strategy of this event is executed through the hiring of an event planning and management Company, the stars event. The strategy risk can occur when the Company fails to deliver as promised. This risk can be reduced by hiring a reputable and excellent event managing Company (Crane et al,. 2016).

ii) Technology Risk

This risk is unpredictable and in some instances, it can occur in the middle of the event. Power outages and technical problems originating from sound failure are examples of technology risks. To mitigate these risks, the Stars event should allocate the most competent group of technical team for the event (Crane et al,. 2016).

iii) Resource Risk

The event is vulnerable to resource risk when it lacks sufficient facilities to implement various scheduled activities. Ensuring that there are enough resources is critical to avoiding this type of risk (Bender, 2018).

iv) Seasonal Risk

The 24/7 Youth Film Awards might be exposed to the risk of fluctuating climatic conditions such as rain. The event will be help at Manly Oval a region whereby rain might fall unexpectedly especially during the month of December.

v) Compliance Risk

This type of risk occurs when the event violates regulations due to errors or even unexpectedly. Such incidence can occur when the guests fail to maintain the tidiness of the environment. In addition, the event might lead to violence and insecurity regardless of the attempt by the event manager to supply adequate security.

vi) Financial Risk

This risk is specifically caused by insufficient financial resources that make it difficult to access the most critical resources. When financial risk occurs, it will not be possible to hire the Stars event Company.

vii) Legal Risk

Based on the current strict process instituted by the Council, the event might fail to occur in case it violates the stipulated regulations. In case the council refuses to offer the ground, the Outdoor Youth Film Awards event will face a huge challenge. To avoid this risk, the event planning Company should ensure that all regulatory requirements and demands are sufficiently met.

viii) Human Risk

This type of risk can originate from the Stars event employees especially when they are ignorant an incompetent. This can diminish the reputation and ability of the event to succeed.

ix) Program Risks

These are the risks associated with program of the scheduled activities expected to take place. Program risk can take place in circumstances whereby one expected occurrence reschedules either due to negligence of the person responsible or unexpected changes in planning.

x) Reputational Risk

The event can be exposed to this type of risk when the reputation of the event is declining from members of the public. This can occur when the event is linked with social problems such as drug trafficking and crime. Eventually, this diminishes number of the expected event attendants (Lhannaoui et al,. 2014).

7. Budget Template

The total number of 300 guests expected for this event will contribute an entrance fee of $100 AUD per head. This will approximately given a total revenue of $30,000 AUD. The stars event Company quoted a total payment of $10,000 AUD after offering a 20% discount hence the new hiring cost became $8,000. The Council of Manly charges $500 AUD to hold any event at Manly Oval. Therefore, the charges for the 7 days will be $3,500. Since the event will be managed by the Stars Event Company, there will be no any other expenditure except offering the normal $15,000 AUD to award the top Youth Film winners. The total expenditure for this event will be $18,500 AUD hence the expected returns will be $11,500 AUD.

8. Transport Map

According to the expected turnaround, most guests will originate from Melbourne city and this makes it crucial to design a transport map from Melbourne as shown in Figure 1.5 below.

Figure 1.6

9. Incident Site Report

The purpose of this incident site report is to assess the appropriateness of selecting the Manly Oval ground as the most effective venue where the 24/7 Youth Film Awards will take place. The incident report will analyze the incidence of hazard and how it should be handled. Considering that site is spacious enough with adequate parking facilities to cater for the expected 300 guests. The risk of theft can occur especially to a privately owned car.

After the occurrence of an incidence whereby a car has been stolen or damaged by other members of the public, the event organizing committee will take a responsibility of not more than 20% of the total car.

For instance, when a car is damaged or stolen despite efforts of the event to institute maximum security, the event manager will be obligated to compensate the victim partially. In this incidence, any witness available, the victim and event manager will be required to sign the document.

Witness Sign........................................

Victim Sign..........................................

Event Manager Sign............................

10. Organizational Chart

Figure 1.7

This event will use the functional top-down hierarchy style to classy the workers. The organizational structure of this Youth Film Awards operations team will comprise of the event manager, the operations manager from the stars event, a supervisor to ensure that everything occurs as expected and that workers perform based on what is required from them. Finally, the organizational structure will comprise of both the junior and senior workers such as the technical group and security guards respectively.

11. Volunteer Advertisement Poster

Figure 1.8


Based on personal assessment and experience as an event manager, there are various operational issues that may affect the progress and ability of the event to deliver as promised. The key operational issues of this particular event include (Awad et al,. 2017);

i) Manly Council Regulations

The council of Manly is usually strict before granting the access to use the Manly Oval ground. In most incidences, might require an event brief in order to guarantee that it will not affect the Manly region negatively. The council cannot grant access to political activities and any other event that encourage deviant behaviours such as alcoholism. The delaying and the complicated procedure of filling a submission form to the council might become an issue especially when the event is scheduled to take place 24/7.

ii) Few guests than the expected

This issue may lead to an operational problem that will affect ability of the project to generate enough revenues to sustain itself. It will influence the management problem of vision and mission of a project. When the project lacks enough funds, it will find it challenging to execute it main operational goal.

iii) Technical Failure such as that of an Av Speaker.

One of the main purposes of this event is to entertain; therefore, the operational issue such as the occurrence of a technical error will affect ability of the project to offer quality services to the guests. This will be contrary to the project management principle of business objectives (Awad et al,. 2017).


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