Exit through the Gift Shop Analysis and Review

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However, in spite of their efforts the artists turn the camera back on its owner. It contains footage of Banksy, Shephard, invader and most of the universe infamous graffiti artist at work.

The film is showed in the Vintage point of Thierry Guetta, who is an electric Frenchman and an owner of clotheshorse turned shop. Guetta become consumed with filming all elements of his daily life. By doing that amasses boxes and unarranged boxes, uncatalogued video tape of family dinners, pranks played on the clients in his store and random conversion with individuals in the street. Guetta reveals his cousin making a series of small, crude mosaics illustrating personalities from the video game, the Space Invaders (Totten 2010).

Exit through the Gift Shop means that not many filmmakers would try a first appearance aspect documentary. In addition, not many filmmakers are Banksy, street artist extraordinaire, and pop culture enfant terrible. Thus, an art superstar who personality relies on secrecy is a kind of omniscience (Totten 2010). Banksy benefits from respect in the middle of critics and collectors who reserve for an artist with already passed to great beyond. For this reason, it is very complex that he has never lived within public immigration in any conventional sense thus this exhibit a type of artistic in another universe. Consequently, this has resulted to an impressive directorial lens into the graffiti artists and the corporate urban marketplace where collapsing buildings serve as their canvases.


Banksy aimed at showing how temporariness is built into graffiti art. His documentaries are a fleet-foot over shifting the ground of actual or real meanings. However, if the moral to the story come out it would be that corporate replication are achievable even if the world of art criticism it.

Plan of Development

The pointed fakeness of Guetta is a commentary on the beauty of the street art itself. The film shows illusion whose intention is to test whether the audience can tell the dissimilarities between something beautiful yet from the street or something made to come out as such. He tagged the self-significant world of galleries and uninformed trend watching in similar manner as he tags architectural designs that house them, and that street rat could not gain admission (Totten 2010). Thus, because he is a street rat he has no name and to make awareness that his medium are not for sale.

Graffiti is an art as it is something that motivates people and permits them to have a say. One of famous saying is by meek. It stipulates keep your coins I need change. The axiom was exceptionally powerful and captured the interest of a number of people. The axiom is powerful as Graffiti meaning through the form of art.

Graffiti is an art as individuals take time and use the world as their canvas. For example, when individuals think of graffiti, they think of gangs tagging walls thus giving graffiti a bad name. Individuals such as Banksy and Plane trees are artists and not vandals. If individuals could see graffiti art as good, thus it could have a real name for itself.

Graffiti is an art as it makes people feel fun and happy. People have the ability to exhibit their feelings and thoughts via objects. For example, graffiti makes cities look more vibrant and beautiful. There are many graffiti on walls, outsides the streets and bridges. There are many good pictures such as Keith Haring_x0092_s and Banksy_x0092_s pictures (Totten 2010). If the concrete walls were empty with no pictures, it could be boring. These graffiti makes individuals happy.

Thierry Guetta, or Mr. Brainwash, is an artist. For example, he is presented in 2010 film exit through the gift shop. The films stipulate that his cousin, the French street artist Invader, first introduced Guetta to artwork (Totten 2010).

Guetta employs familiar artistic and historical images like Banksy. Many of the images are copyrights and amend the originals in an importance manner. Guetta stipulates in the film that his work broadly comprise of scanning and photoshopping acts that are performed out be hired assistants. However, unlike Banksy, who is portrayed in the film constructing his work Guetta was opposite. Guetta strongly imitates the approaches and artistic models of famous street Banksy and Shephard Fairey artwork. He confesses that exit through the gift shop film most of artwork was performed by hired designer whom he illustrates his opinions.

Another reason that shows that Guetta is an artist is on June 18, 2008 he made his debut art show life is beautiful. The article was marked as a pivot point in MBW_x0092_s career. The story represents the current reality. It shows aggressive ambition and excellent business skills. In addition, it represents the capability to find right contacts allowing Guetta to establish himself in the field that not many of us have the chance to join. Life is beautiful opens in London, and it has been used in massive exhibition opened in Los Angeles June 2008 as a debut of a talented artist. Life is beautiful presentation has led to Guetta continuity of his work and quick success.

Guetta is an artist as he dedicated himself to art in a more severe and complete manner through creation in a short period of enormous artworks becoming part of a real exhibition of the new artist Mr. Brainwash. Even though Guetta form around himself mystery, he constructs Madonna album entitled Celebration. His creations are sold after few days following the openings of his show. His passion becomes useful after his cousin introduced him to the artistic world. His video camera followed him at nights, filming his works on the walls. He shot more film following his first experience (Totten 2010). He has been significantly involved realizing blowups that glued to the city walls becoming a street artist himself.


There are hundreds of film hours, thanks to the filmmakers saving the furtive practices and ephemeral art from forgetfulness. Guetta being manic and undirected led to the creation of coherent shape. Guetta offered many chances for the acquirers to obtain.

Banksy aimed at showing how temporariness is built into graffiti art. His documentation is fleet-footed over the shifting ground of any real meaning or message. However, if the moral to the story come out it would be that corporate replication are achievable even if the world of art criticism it. Graffiti is an art due to the reasons mentioned above. Further, Guetta is considered as an artist as has famous artwork that is shown. Art is good as it makes people feel happy and fun to create it. In addition, it shows their feelings of people concerning various things. Consequently, it should be respected and cherished.

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Totten, John. Review of Graffiti into Exit through gift film. The Other journal.com: an intersection of theology and culture, 2010.

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