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All people have the eminent ability to achieve and reach their true potential, regardless of their sex, race, or any other characteristic. In this regard, the true potential stands for self-assurance, happiness, and contentment. There are various stages and modifications that a person can make on the way to this revelation, even though it is never an easy undertaking. Realizing your true potential is crucial for developing self-assurance and realizing your value in society (Dweck 5).

To explore full personal growth in all facets of life, it is crucial to first understand actual potential. The personal decision to change and grow is a critical tool that can help a person move forward. It is inherent to make the decision that you will begin to pursue growth in life. To make this happen, start reading blogs, books, listen to audiobooks, and even attend seminars with other like-minded colleagues. With this in place, you will develop confidence, realize your potential, and have full personal growth. The material and mentors that can help a person develop and realize full growth are everywhere. There exist many books, blogs, and podcasts that are directed to personal development. These provide many lessons and tips that can help one discover the inner potential. With this in place, you will develop personal growth (Dweck 6).

Realizing your true potential helps to visualize who you want to become. When you realize your true potential, it is easy to reflect on the person you want to be in future. Different people have different definitions of potential. It is imperative to develop some sense of the person you want to be in the future. You can examine the skills and character strength that the future-you has utilized to get this far. For instance, if you have a personal bakery, you get some commercial savvy, you be good to people, you have self-motivation; you have strong work ethics, and have the necessary baking skills. Having realized your true potential in this line is helpful in getting to visualize the real you in future (Osteen 21).

Realizing your true worth is also important in determining your core values. Having your full potential in place helps in knowing the things that shape how you see yourself, colleagues, and the world around. Various studies have shown that you will get your life that is "value congruent" and in line with what is most critical to you (Osteen 21).

However, there are some opposing views regarding knowing your true potential. First, in trying to determine your true worth, it is never easy to recognize some challenging generalizations. Generalization takes the toll when you take one experience that was bad and generalize to the whole world. This can make you not to realize your future goals and values since it totalizes you. When you generalize issues, you become a failure, and you can never realize your full potential if you feel that way. Second, at times realizing your true potential comes with challenging mental filtering. In realizing your full potential, there are many things that come your way that develops the mental filtering that holds you back and distorting your focus. If you filter, you get focused on only one negative aspect of the underlying situation and ignoring the positive, but when realizing the true potential, the aspect comes with total confusion (Orlick 51).


It is important for everyone to realize his or her true potential. Realizing the real worth has many benefits attached as opposed to the disadvantages as discussed in the text. An individual must realize the true potential so as to live positively in the society. Thus realizing true potential is necessary for developing self-confidence joy, and being fulfilled in the society.

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March 15, 2023

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