Express Scripts and Baxter International's SWOT Analysis

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Different firms have distinct business structures, but they also share similar business aspects in some manner. For example, two or more businesses can use different business models, but they both have clients, staff, and a certain service or product to sell. However, as these organizations are subjected to a SWOT study, the findings reveal individual variations in their capabilities, shortcomings, opportunities, and risks (Coman and Ronen, 2009). To support this argument, this paper examines Baxter International and Express Script.

Though it has had ambitions to lead the industry in terms of growth, Express Script has also been named to the Fortune 500 list (Fern Fort University, 2017). Baxter, conversely, has had a considerably strong history of innovative service but not registered among the Fortune 500 companies. As a result, Express Scripts attracts more investors than Baxter. Additionally, Express Script has had a stronger social and corporate responsibility than Baxter (MBA Skool-Study.Learn.Share, 2017). It integrates pharmacy with medical services to enhance holistic services to its customers. Baxter provides only diversified health companies with medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical devices. Finally, Express has a stronger market leadership besides an enormous client base. Baxter, on the contrary, focuses on specific diversified areas such as bio-surgery and critical care.


Business operations in Express Script emphases on high-end customers whereas Baxter encounter drug cost inflation and reduced revenue growths due to its customer niche. Additionally, Express faces fraud controversies whereas Baxter struggles with customer-related controversies, which affect their brands (Fern Fort University, 2017).


While Express Script has had a growing number of pharmaceutical companies, Baxter has had an increased global presence in the emerging markets. Furthermore, the emerging market environment provides Express Script with a huge base of domestic customers whereas Baxter is exposed to a friendly global environment with a broad base of clients as well (Fern Fort University, 2017). Nonetheless, both firms have a pricing power in the industry.


Express Script encounters global competition due to the cheap services from by its competitors. Baxter, conversely, has an updated R$D with a considerably high competition (MBA Skool-Study.Learn.Share, 2017). The economic recession confronting Express Script also affects its business operation whereas Baxter faces many legal issues. Nevertheless, both companies encounter various controversies, which affect their publicity.

Even so, these differences help the companies in identifying their weaknesses and create a plan of achievable developmental goals. They also assist in deterring threats alongside dynamic addressing of business weaknesses. The differences as well give prospection on how to capitalize the available opportunities.


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December 21, 2022

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