Factors that contributed to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War

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A divisive conflict involving the United States of America is the Vietnam War. Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam united back in the 1880s to form a French colony known as French Indochina. However, the French government lost sight of Indochina to Germany with a proxy government in the early 1940s (Tindall and Emory 34). After the World War II, the French government tried to restore their authority over the Indochina and by 1946, Indochina was in a time of conflict (Tindall and Emory 34). For factors such as countering communism in Vietnam, the collapse of the anti-communist government of the Republic of China, and the action of South Vietnam, the US became involved in the Vietnam War. Both the South and the North Vietnam remained in control of the areas they then occupied, ceased fire, and agreed to work on a political solution, which would possibly result in a coalition government. Both the Soviet and United States were losing interest in the war making it less significant to them (Russia 1950's). On April 1975, South Vietnam surrendered to The Republic of Vietnam leading to the End of the War.
In conclusion, the main factors that led to United States involvement in the Vietnam War were countering communism that was growing in Vietnam and Indochina. Apparently, this would win them advantage against USSR since all communist states despised the United States and supported Soviets. Secondly, when the anti-communism government of The Republic of China fell, there was a need to continue fighting communism since more communism states would have risen to power if the situation was left an intervened. Lastly, the attack on the US plane in the Gulf of Tonkin provoked the United States to join the war to avoid more deaths to its advisors in Vietnam.
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July 24, 2021

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