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Fantasy organization seeks to increase employee job happiness in order to remain competitive in the business. Job satisfaction is important to the firm since it helps to reduce employee turnover, which can lead to increased costs in the HR department. Worker retention at Fantasy Inc. helps to create a better atmosphere and aids in the recruitment of skilled and talented employees. The corporation promotes job satisfaction in order to achieve high productivity and profitability.  Making the workers feel safe and satisfied enables Fantasy Inc. to make high sales and reduce operational costs that impact on the productivity and increase organizational profits. Furthermore, Fantasy Company aims at cultivating loyalty of the workers through improving on the job satisfaction. It directs at ensuring that the employees feel that the company has their best interests at heart. Consequently, the employees will work hard to support the mission and achieve the objective of the organization.

The Fantasy organization targets at increasing job satisfaction through providing a positive working environment for the employees. The organization goes over and beyond the call of the organizational duty and provides the needs of the workers. Reward and recognition are also used in nurturing job satisfaction. The best performing personnel are identified and rewarded by the company. This is one of the powerful tools that help in building the morale of the employees and positively impact on the employee motivation (Becker, 2001). Additionally, the company involves and engages the workforce in the organizational activities. The involvement and engagement make the employees contribute to the ideas and suggestions on how to improve the performance. Through this, the employees feel that they are part of the organization and thus improving job satisfaction. Development of the employee skills and potential is another critical method which Fantasy Company embraces for job satisfaction. It achieves this objective through training and education of its workforce. Lastly, fantasy's company involves in the evaluation and measuring procedures to know the level of job satisfaction of the employees. These factors help in determining what requires improvement in the organization.

Job satisfaction is the commitment level an individual has and feels concerning the job. It is a positive feeling of pleasure and psychological-emotional state which emanates from the appraisals of the job experiences. Organizational commitment does focus on the organizational behavior and denotes the strengths an employee identifies with the organization (Becker, 2001). Job satisfaction impacts on the organizational commitment and this make the employee retain his or her employment with the organization. The corporate performance entails the actual output and results of the company which measures this against the intended outputs. The expected outputs could also be a reflection of the organizational objectives and goals which are concerned with the performance of the organization (Locke, 2007). When an organization aims at accomplishing the highest employee satisfaction, it positively translates to performance. This performance is evident from the productivity and the profits that the agency achieves through job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction has a direct impact on the organizational citizenship behavior through improving the worker's loyalty and decreasing the turnover rate (Robbins, 2007). Organizational citizenship behavior will thus make the worker have a voluntary commitment in the company and even carry out tasks that are not part of his or her contract. Absenteeism and employee turnover are factors that many organizations face. Through promoting job satisfaction, Fantasy Inc. reduces these impacts on the organization.


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