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Both novelists and filmmakers produce artistic works that teach viewers and consumers valuable lessons. The audience should be able to interpret the production's hidden meaning, even though authors or filmmakers occasionally include elements that viewers or readers may find absurd. The 1818 book by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, which features a monster as one of the main characters, is an illustration of a captivating work. Like other monsters, the monster begins to act strangely and begins to hunt people, including Victor, who is its owner, for not achieving an existence similar to that of other humans. The author's goal in this production is to convey to the audience the significance of treating everyone with respect. The novelist's message in the production is to inform the audience the importance of showing love to every person even when they appear to have weaknesses to avoid retaliation from the individual who feels discriminated.

The writing by Shelly whereby she decides to include a monster as one of the characters passes the information that writers have the freedom to utilize unique features in their creations. The author includes a strange creature to stand out differently and to create the awareness that literature permits one to use features that catch the audience's attention as long as the production remains relevant. Shelly, for example, decides to include a monster as one of the casts and this deviates from the standard way of film production where normal humans take part as characters. However, novelists and filmmakers should ensure that the audience can decipher the meaning of any unique creature or object they decide to utilize to deliver their messages.

The author chooses to use the monster, an ugly looking creature that only raises fear from its appearance, to pass the awareness that the society comprises of individuals who may not be happy with the lives they lead. The monster is not satisfied with its inability to fully integrate with ordinary beings which make it generate the feeling that humans hate him. He decides to carry out attacks on people including its creator whom it blames for introducing him to the world full of evil and injustice. The monster also represents an agent of justice that advocates for the rights of persons who do not have the ability to stand out and express their feelings. The actions by the monster pass a clear message that even though some people may lack certain qualities such as beauty or physical belongings, it is incorrect to openly express discrimination against them because that may lead to misunderstandings.

Lastly, the novel passes the awareness that as individuals, it is important to make wise decisions when facing problems to avoid further troubles that may get out of hand. Readers get the impression on the essence of making smart decisions when in hardships through the monster that opts to fight when he notes that every person hates it. Shelly's literature shows how Frankenstein decides to attack its enemies and how the decision leads to its demise after members of the public including its owner put up resistance against its survival. The monster, though not being in a capacity to reason like normal humans, ought to have identified a way out of the segregation it faces instead of retaliating using attacks. The monster, for example, could approach its owner and ask why humans hate it so much. The consultations could prevent more problems, and maybe, the monster could be part of the society even for longer.

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