firewall and security

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Making Network Security a Priority with Firewalls

A firewall is a device that offers network security by keeping track of all network traffic, both inbound and outbound. Then, based on a set of predetermined rules, it chooses which traffic to allow and which to deny permission for to pass across the network. Through multiple checkpoints built between the company's internal private network and the Internet, the firewall is able to impose such limits. By hiding information about the company's internal network from the Internet, a firewall can also set a restriction on how much exposure the network can have (Cisco, 2016).

Firewalls for Small Organizations

In determining the firewall to be used depending on the size of the organization, it is imperative to consider the uses that the firewall will play. For a small organization, a firewall will be mainly used to monitor, filter, and prevent unauthorized traffic from gaining access to the computer network. It will also prevent unauthorized transfer of information from the computer network to the outside world. These roles will be played by a firewall installed on a small organization as such organizations do not deal with significant information and therefore they are not under much threat in comparison to large organizations.

Firewalls for small organizations can either be installed in the form of software firewalls or hardware firewalls. Software firewalls will need to be installed on every personal computer which can be costly as an organization grows in size. A hardware firewall on the other hand is easier to manage and administer as it is able to protect all the computers within the network.

Enhanced Firewall Protection for Large Organizations

For large organizations that deal with significant traffic, the firewall does more than protect the internal network of a company. This is because a large organization is susceptible to more and advanced threats, especially from rival firms and malicious people who may want to sabotage the organization or obtain valuable information.

A large organization will therefore have to settle for a firewall that provides protection from intrusion as well as acts as an antivirus, commonly known as a host-based firewall. Such a firewall should be able to provide awareness on various applications and block any potentially hazardous applications from gaining access to the computer network. The firewall should also have advanced methods of dealing with evolving threats and also should be able to protect the computer even while connected to other networks.

Choosing the Right Firewall

In deciding on the firewall to use depending on the size of the organization, the most crucial factor to consider is the number of applications or roles that are played by the firewall and how effective it is. A small organization can settle for a firewall in the form of software like Kaspersky Internet Security that is able to provide both network protection and malware protection. Such software has also been considered useful due to the regular updates that are released providing up-to-date security. Small organizations should also consider firewalls that will not affect the speed of their network, therefore affecting the normal functionality of their computer systems.

A medium-sized organization to a large organization can settle for a firewall like the Cisco ASA. This is a device that combines antivirus, intrusion protection, firewall, and virtual private network capabilities in one (CxTec, 2016). This device is suitable for medium-sized to large organizations that can be able to afford the costs related to the purchase and maintenance of the same.


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