‘For Love of Country’ reflection paper

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This book's goal is to close the divide between civilians and veterans. Part two of this book outlines life at home after returning from the wars in dramatic detail. This section of the book is intended to highlight the veterans' achievements as well as the difficulties they encounter. Civilians refuse to understand the challenges they face and the sacrifices they make to secure America as a whole. The novel also discusses the brain damage they sustain and the post-traumatic stress they experience after being reintegrated into a civilian environment they are unfamiliar with. The book aims to describe and give civilians a picture of what veterans have to go through after the wars, and gives them a chance of learning what is behind the curtains. Civilians might not be aware of the contributions the veterans make to the community once they come back. They draw on their leadership skills and commit to service (Schultz and Chandrasekaran 176). Some teach in the inner city neighborhoods, retired generals seeking to enhance brain injured troops treatments, and the spouses of injured veterans seeking to help those families undergoing a similar issues.

The author of the book targeted the American people, the citizens who lack to show concern or rather appreciation to this injured soldiers who have given their lives to protect the citizens of America. The citizens however remain oblivious to the fact that it is not an easy task for the veterans to connect to a world they haven’t adapted to or gotten training. They are not aware of the challenges this people face after coming back from war. Howard brings to attention all the issues the soldiers face and the ignorance of American people to their surroundings. The sense that lies behind this book is an eye opener to the ignorance that lies behind every American citizen, who does not see reason to thank this brave selfless veterans. It however comes out with a very touching and essential message of realizing the importance of veterans. It is moving that Americans citizens do not see the weight veterans carry and their ignorance to acquiring knowledge is saddening.

The most captivating part in this section was the story of Jacob wood who joined team Rubicon and helped save people in Haiti. It was interesting because he choose to help people regardless of what he had experienced in Iraq. He joined Rubicon and together they dug people out of rubble. Their sacrifices go on and on and they never seem to cease helping those in dire need. This story moved me as reader because it captures a people who remain committed even after coming back from war. Their sacrifices and selflessness does not end there.

What surprised me in this book was the fact that citizens or rather civilians are so ignorant to what was happening to the veterans. They fail to notice the disconnection veterans feel in the civilian world. They are living together but cannot make an effort to know what the soldiers are going through. It seems to me like the veterans are living in two different worlds and are just floating through time yet no one stops to appreciate what they do.

I believe this book is essential in the American world because it enables them know what is behind the little they think they know. It enhances their understanding on the transitioning field from military service to a civilian job back at home. This will aid the bridging of the gap that exists between civilians and veterans.

Works Cited

Schultz, Howard, and Rajiv Chandrasekaran. For Love of Country. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2014.

October 25, 2022

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