ford company apprenticeship proposal

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Employees are an organization's most precious commodity. As a result, companies must recruit, develop, and maintain the best talent in order to increase their success in the business world. Today, several American businesses are dealing with the issue of organized labor (United States Department of Labor, n.d.). However, the Registered Apprenticeship program is assisting many businesses in overcoming the human capital management problem by offering options for hiring, educating, and attracting top talent (US DOL, n.d). Apprenticeship is described as “a work-study training process that includes both on-the-job and classroom training” (Noe, 2013, p. 287). This paper brings forth an apprenticeship proposal for a machinist in Ford Company.

Specific skills the apprentice will be learning

The apprentice will be trained in the use of machine tools. The learner will be engaged in fabrication, assembly, repair of machinery, and other related tasks. However, the apprentice will be trained in specific skills such as grinding, milling, boring, and drilling. Moreover, the apprentices will be trained on relevant skills such as communications, human relations, management, and analytical skills that are critical in improving professional growth in dynamic and technical industries in the US.

Modeling and practice techniques that will be used

The proposed apprenticeship program will utilize presentation and hands-on techniques to train the students.

Presentation techniques

The apprentices will learn about problem-solving methods, facts, and the process of machine operations through lectures and audiovisual aids (Noe, 2013). The students will be placed in small manageable groups with facilitators to manage the training process. The educators will use dedicated modules, manuals, and workbooks in facilitating the learning process. The trainers will also use videos and presentation to illustrate processes such as drilling, milling, boring, etc.

Hands-on techniques

Here, the trainees will be actively involved in the learning process through direct participation. The students will analyze case studies and carry out design tasks and projects. The managers will demonstrate to the trainees how to perform the task using simulations and on-the-job-training methods thus helping the students to develop communications, human relations, management, and analytical skills by directly engaging in the job. The educators will be providing support to the trainees through flowcharts, checklists and be illustrating the procedures. However, the trainers will let the students perform the tasks on their own and then offer correction and assistance where the need arises.

Feedback process that will be incorporated

The students’ progress will be evaluated through tests and exercises. The students will participate in weekly discussion forums where they will post what they have learned throughout the week and respond to their peers’ posts.

Number of hours per week/Duration of the entire apprenticeship

The training will take 27 hours per week. However, the length of the whole training will last for 16 weeks. The students will be rotated throughout the plant to ensure that they understand how their role and their interactions with other employees contribute to the effective and efficient operation of the machines in the automobile industry. Upon the completion of the apprenticeship, the students will receive US DOL Apprenticeship Program Certificate of Completion.

Advantages of the apprenticeship program

Benefits to the employer

Firstly, because of the on-the-job-training technique, the program will enhance productivity and knowledge transfer at Ford Company. Secondly, the firm will be in a position to tailor its training to the particular need of the automobile industry. The apprenticeship program will improve safety in the company as the recruits will learn every aspect of the industrial operation through rotation across various departments in the firm. Ultimately, the apprenticeship program will lead to increased retention rates and efficient management of the machinist workforce in Ford.

Benefits of the trainees

This program will enhance the skills of the students to full proficiency occupation. The students will receive national industry certification through the US DOL Apprenticeship Program Certificate of Completion, which is recognized by many industries in the US. Either, the trainees will earn a competitive salary as they learn the technical and management skills from the reputable organization.

Challenges of the apprenticeship program

The biggest problem for the apprenticeship will be the initial implementation of the program in the firm. However, the training will have a positive impact on the company in the long-term by developing workforce training models to close skill gaps in the firm.


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October 25, 2022


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