Freedom of expression and regimes

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Freedom of Expression and Government Control

Freedom of expression is regarded as essential to the advancement of any nation, just as rain and the sun are essential to the existence of the planet. Unfortunately, depending on the type of government and feelings of offense towards another person's point of view, censorship remains a serious issue. The government frequently violates freedom of expression under a monarchy style of government. The government enacts legislation to eliminate government criticism. We have observed an upsurge in freedom of expression and speech throughout the years. For example, in England, criminal defamation and seditious libel laws were repealed. However, it is important to note that the freedom of speech under this type of government is not an absolute right but falls under restrictions and conditions of the law. Incitement to religious and racial hatred is one law that restricts freedom of speech and is used to regulate free speech. Other laws that have been used to regulate free speech in a monarch include stage licensing, laws on sexual content, national security, blasphemy law and liberal law. Digital technology has brought opportunities and challenges in free speech. Citizens of Canada, Wales and other monarch types of government have used digital technologies to express their feelings towards various issues affecting them. However, the technologies have also been breeding sites for hate speech, and incitement of the population.

Freedom of Speech in Democratic Systems

A democratic system of government such as the United States unconditional supports freedom of speech. The right to free speech is protected under the first amendment to the U.S. constitution. It states that congress cannot make any law that prohibits the free exercise or abridging the freedom of speech or the press. The Constitution of the U.S protects even some of the most offensive and controversial speeches and only regulates speech under narrow and limited circumstances. The digital media in democratic countries such as the U.S provides platforms for people to exercise their right free speech. Through the digital technologies, people can air their grievances and reach their leaders as well as ensure the government is kept in check.

Suppression of Freedom of Speech in Totalitarian Regimes

Totalitarian regimes such as China suppress the freedom of speech. Suppression of the freedom of speech is the perfect recipe for dictatorship. Communist countries such as Vietnam and North Korea create a strong propaganda machine that replaces reliable information to manipulate the minds of people and awaken feelings of national exclusiveness and Xenophobia. Press freedom rankings are low and those who openly criticize the government are tortured and detained. Digital technologies in these countries are censored and citizens have access to certain sites. The great wall of China is a great example of just how such a regime suppresses the freedom of speech.

Digital Technologies and Protection of Freedom of Speech

A democratic form of government is the post appropriate for protecting the freedom of speech and expression. For a country to be democratic, freedom of speech is fundamental and citizens should be allowed to openly talk about issues affecting them openly. Digital technologies are an important tool in ensuring the liberty to speech. They are accessible and provide avenues for citizens to openly discuss their views on an issue, give people a voice and hold politicians accountable. To a larger context, digital technologies ensure that human rights are protected and any infringement of human rights are punishable by law.

May 02, 2023

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