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For restructuring, the organization needs a competitive strategy. Leadership tactics are the most effective methods for achieving collective effectiveness. The strategy persuades, motivates, and controls staff, and it is also an important principle for improving company structure within the enterprise. The paper would concentrate on the marketing tactics used by Apple Company in order to remain competitive. Since Apple is the world's largest communications company, it is ideally suited to discuss the problem of leadership strategy.

Apple Corporation is an American corporation that specializes in the design and manufacturing of computer hardware, consumer electronics, and applications. The entity is recognized internationally for its Macintosh personalized PCs, Mac OS X, iTunes, and personalized music player. The organization is headquartered in Cupertino, California. The founder and the chief executive officer is Steve Jobs. Today, the group has business outlets in more ten nations.

Apple’s organization has a competitive marketing strategy that has enabled it to be successful(Tan, W.K., Yi-Der Yeh, Lin and Kuo2012, p.131)defined marketing strategy as the process that a company uses to concentrate and analyze its scare resources to increase the volumes of sales and hence realize a leading rivalry. In fact, it a primary organization factor for the corporate objectives.

Apple is successful in marketing because it has focused a lot on their products (Almutairi and Bennett 2016, p.303). The company’s product aid in gaining brand loyalty and awareness’ and market share. They imaginatively conduct their business. The corporation has gained world recognition for its unique, innovative marketing, great strategy, and design for quality communication (Web cache. 2017). The organization has recently achieved great success in the marketing of their products like Macintosh, iPod, and iPod. They capture their client’s attention through user-friendly and performance.

The company sells the new product to the US for few months before launching it to the foreign markets after the product has tested the market. The product’s price is rebated after it has been launched in new markets. This plan of revising rate has helped the company to gain top shares in the market.

Why Is Apple Successful In Marketing

Apple is successful in marketing because it uses few words to send the strong message to the clients. (Teng and Lu 2009, p.1) Asserts that few words in marketing are more significant to the audience. Also, it is advisable to use the image in marketing that resonates deeply on the emotional tier. Apple’s marketing plan increase the revenues in it is branching worldwide.

Apple has placed much attention on their products and design standards. Their designs are in line with their CEO’s philosophy ‘User does not know what he/she require. Apple brands comprise of software powerhouse, media platform, and design of the firm. The organization factors in all these elements and that is why their products are at the top of the industry.

Business owners are required to reach out and assess what the market demands. This involves careful evaluation of your critics most of the time and become more patient. For Apple Corporation, they usually flip the script and focus more on developing g their desires without caring the associated cost. For example, when the founder of the Apple introduces iPad, there were a lot of critics. The products were critiqued that it will not thrive well in the market.

Over some time now, personal computer’s clients have been enjoying buying PC parts and developing their systems. These clients have been creating standard hardware for the typical application. But with Apple, it is not accessible to pirate their hardware. Apple Company has been steering many features of the operating and computer systems. Additionally, the organization is also reinventing standard designs. Apple emphasizes more on the product, while other teams focus only on the single aspect.

In this modern world pricing plan is a common strategy adopted by most organizations. Most organizations prefer to set their price at low instead of pricing strategically in the market. What Apple is setting it is price without blinking, the company does not put into consideration charging more their products (Dong, Zhang, Hinschand Zou 2016, p.130). They do not price more than 2x than their rivals in the market. The organization builds products that are passionately liked by their customers. They align their price with the benefits and features of the product. For example, the 27’ iMac computer is unmatched in the market. Their software cannot be pirated. Their laptops are skinny like MacBook Air. Notably, no hardware and software can be compared in value with those of apple.

Theoretical Analysis of Apple Corporation

This section addresses the academic perspective of Apple Inc in marketing for over 20 years now that they have been using to study consumer needs and evaluating the symbolic, experimental, socio-cultural and different aspects of the consumption. Consumer culture theory (CCT) best describes Apple marketing strategy. The CCT has enabled Apple Corporation to fulfill its need for the consumers in the market by predicting the market behaviors in advance (Teng 2009, p.10)

Consumer culture theory (CCT) evaluates user differences system of defining reproduce and avenues of consumer ideas and actions to protect the principal interest in the society (learnmarketing.net 2017). This thought is guided by the critical and theory that are not related to the consumer study. The argument centers on the normative words and consumers messages in their response. In this approach, the users are viewed as the interpretive representative whose notes create activities that range from user identity to lifestyle deals displayed in the mass media and advertising to the one who deviates away from these different instructions (Shaw, Ellis, Kendrick, Ziegler and Wiseman 2016, p.727). Apple has been using this strategy to raise ideological forms of play that shades criticism of the corporate marketing as the social organization.

User’s way of life thoughts read familiar cultural texts such as TV programs, films , and advertisements as identity rules and lifestyle that portray unadulterated trading places differences such need these objects, act like this, and look like this and admire certain lifestyle and conceptualize types of the consumers (Tan and Kuo 2012, p.117). Therefore, by deconstructing and decoding these volumes of the trading differences, the CCT identifies ways in which consumers are invited by the systems of the cultural production to covet given lifestyle and identity ideas. (Chikhale and Mansouri 2015, p.283) provides a spin of counterintuitive on the viewpoint of the interpretative representative by evaluating how users are willing to be compliant with the narratives of the seductive marketplace.

Strength of the Consumer Culture Theory

The theory assists the Apple in driving its sales by encouraging their clients to purchase the commodities. The method helps the organization to build a culture that makes the customer view their expenses as the basic needs that lead to happiness. This perception is significant since the company makes more sales of their unique commodities. Also, Apple uses this theory to convenience the consumers to see their expenditures as the bonding experience.

Weaknesses of the Consumer Culture Theory

The theory has an individualistic perspective. The fundamental way to approach the consumer practices involves assessing the preferences of the individuals. Teng (2009, p.12) asserts that the theory ignores the external social factors in favor of the socio and psychological elements of the personal and groups choices. In fact, the argument only advances in unusual behaviors of the consumer.

The theory works on the assumption that customers operate in a given predictable way of deciding and learning. Therefore, using this assertion, the Apple predicts client choices and preferences as they adjust their design options. A much as the theory is essential in developing marketing strategies, and they minimize the behavior of the consumers in exploiting suitable variables because it neglects customer decisions. Also, modern researchers do not agree with this perception (Mansouri 2015, p.286).

Resource – Advance Theory (R – A)

R – A theory helps companies to build a generalized marketing theory. Apple Company has used R- A‘s principle to perfect their marketing plan. The company has strengthened its relationship with the clients through the continuous manufacture of the unique products in the market. The theory emphasizes more on the competition and that marketers should develop a competitive marketing framework.

Strengths of the Resource – Advance Theory

The theory has helped Apple Company in cost-saving, improving performance, and access to experience. Apple has centralized its activities of t value proposition as advocated by this argument and thus it has managed to increase it is competitive position in the technology industry (learnmarketing.net 2017). By focusing on the cost saving, the organization needs to focus on one objective at ago. Apple has also implemented the principles of this theory, and thus it has managed to acquire experienced workers that are passionate about technology.

Weaknesses of the Resource – Advance Theory

One major flaw of this theory is that it makes an organization to lose managerial control of the external operations, confidentiality, quality problems, and the threat to security (Chikhale and Mansouri 2015, p.287). The organization loses the control over management because of the needs for the specialized skills revolving around power negotiation, contract management, and process management. Outsourcing marketers for the company infringe the confidentiality of the organization as the outsiders share the information.


Apple is the leader in marketing strategies, but there is the need for further improvements because the online platforms are being introduced on a monthly basis by different technology companies. This implies clients are not receiving information about their products on time. Apple.Inc should not invest all their efforts in a single place, but they need to diversify their approaches to the market. The organization is recommended research all the arenas, test with latest channels, and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and have a broader understanding of how they work (Ortiz, Chang, Chih and Wang 2017, p.406)

Marketing is a collective responsibility, and one strategy cannot fit it all. Another organization may be satisfied with one plan, but the same approach is used by another company can turn out not to be successful (Almutairi and Bennett 2016, p.303). Therefore, for Apple Inc should create and align their marketing strategy with their business plan. Additionally, the organization should develop functional marketing units. The alignment of the marketing plan increases the efficiency of the team.


In summary, the essay has shown that technology is rapidly growing in the world. In my opinion, Apple.Inc is the top leader in this industry. In fact, their innovativeness will still propel them to lead the globe of tech. Their design and motivation attract people to join this organization. The company is likely to bring in new technology to advance their marketing skills.


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