Governments place the reputation of their cities and financial gains ahead of people's needs.

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I contend that the government prioritizes games and the city's reputation above its residents and human rights because the poor's interests are often ignored in the expansion of facilities that can be used for gaming events in communities that host those activities.
Evidence-based on the relocation of impoverished people in Rio during the city's preparations to host the 2016 Olympic Games.
Response and Acknowledgement
The majority of city governing bodies tend to ignore the need for poor security in facilities construction programs. This lapse often results in the eviction of low-income inhabitants of the impacted areas. It is a culmination of the need to promote the image of the country to the visitors by building new facilities and expanding the available facilities.

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I claim that the greed and the need for the promotion of Rio image prompted the government to displace poor Rio residents from their settings in the city in the 2016 Olympic games.


The displacement of the Rio residents in the 2016 Olympic games was a culmination of corruption in the administrative body of the city which ultimately led to the development of inferior facilities.

Reason 1

Displacement of the Poor

Reason 2


Reason 3

Poor infrastructure

Evidence 1

Over 800 families were displaced from the city in the 2016 Olympic games that were hosted in Rio (Bevins).

Evidence 2

Lucrative real estate deals with private companies by the government. Most of these companies were closely linked to government officials (Einbinder 63)

Evidence 3

Many of the buildings constructed during the Olympic games are now in a state of disrepair.

Part 2:

The displacement of the residents of Rio was a consequence of the greed of the city’s governing body and the need to maintain an elusively pristine image to the visitors who were coming for the 2016 Olympic games. The government spent large amounts of money to build inferior facilities which only lasted during the duration of the Olympic games. The facilities were intended to appeal to the visitors who thronged the region to witness the games. However, the end of the 2016 Olympic games marked the beginning of the negligence that was extended to the facilities in the region (Bevins).

Similarly, corruption was rampant in the tendering process where the awarded companies were said to be close to the city’s administrative personnel. Therefore, mainly, the administrators intended to benefit individually benefit from the tender process which in turn led to the unfair awarding of the tenders to the developers (Einbinder 62). Consequently, the poor were displaced from their settings in order to pave way for the construction of facilities which were intended to suffice the greed of the government personnel.

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This is an online source. It was result of search conducted on the Google platform. It provided a succinct title which related to the topic at hand.

Einbinder, Nathan. Dams, Displacement and Development. Springer International Publishing , 2017.

This source was secured from the Harvard Library database. It is a book that specifically addresses the displacement of the people of Rio.

Brief Description

The results drawn from my search in the library database were mainly academic. The majority of them were books and journals which documented empirical analysis of displacement in Rio. In searching for the source on this platform, I was allowed the freedom to determine the outcomes of the search by defining the limits of the search.

The results drawn from my search of the google database were mainly news articles from different websites. I did not have to specifically define the parameters of my subject before I was extended the results. I was not allowed a year limit to my search.

October 20, 2021
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