Gulliver'S Travels

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Outline for the Essay

Title: Gulliver's Travel first two Journeys

  • Introduction
  • Thesis Statement
  • Body
  • The Lilliput Island
  • The Size of the people
  • The race of the people
  • The peoples character and attitude
  • Gulliver's Flashbacks
  • The Giant Peoples Island
  • The Size of the people
  • The race of the people
  • The peoples character and attitude
  • Conclusion
  • Closing Statement

Thesis Statement

Gulliver's first two journeys to Lilliput Island and the Giant People Island are the subject of this research paper. The goal of the paper is to highlight the various races found on the two islands, their sizes, personalities, and attitudes toward Gulliver and one another. Gulliver is the constant link between the two Islands and is the main character in the 1996 movie Gulliver’s Travels.  The paper shall outline how Gulliver’s initial voyage ended abruptly in order for him to find himself in Lilliput Island, his encounter within the Island, what led him to flee from Lilliput Island and find himself in the Giant Island and his encounters in the Giant Island. The analysis will also outline the sarcasm, irony, satire, amongst other literally terms. It shall also compare and contrast the attitudes and intentions of the people in both Islands towards Gulliver.
The Lilliput Island
In the Gulliver’s movie part 1, Gulliver’s voyage is cut short by a ship wreck after which he is washed ashore and he finds himself in Lilliput Island which was the land of tiny people. He narrates the story of being held captive to his son, his wife and the new doctor who took his place in his real world as he gets flashbacks of what he encountered whilst acting it out as though it were still happening hence appearing somewhat insane as the stories sounded fictional. Being away for nearly nine years, he did not seem to relate with his home anymore and began to relive his adventure. At the shores of Lilliput was found by a tiny man and his father after a drop of liquid which could’ve been sweat, saliva or ocean water drops on the young man’s hat in what felt to him like an entire bowl of liquid content. To their dismay, they saw a giant man above them and begun to wonder where he came from and what to do with him but a troop of army soldiers intervened and arrested the young man, his father and Gulliver. It took an entire army of over 100 little people to tie him down to the ground and many trees to build a wooden structure to carry him into the town. When Gulliver screamed they all scattered while covering their ears for they could not stand the sound, it could probably burst their little eardrums. The Lilliput community was so tiny that when compared to Gulliver lying down, he was still taller than the soldiers on their horses.
In town, he was taken before the emperor who was astonished to find that the giant actually fit the description of the information he had received. He welcomed him with open arms and tried to feed him with one of his captures, the young man who had found Gulliver. The young man pleaded for his life and Gulliver pretended to eat him but showed mercy upon him and let him go. The emperor was pleased with that decision and felt that Gulliver would be helpful to their community hence fed him and gave him wine. The amount of food and Wine Gulliver had to be fed with in order to quench his thirst and hunger was so large that the people felt he should be killed for he would finish all their food and leave them starving to death. The emperor’s wife was frightened of Gulliver despite her husband’s enthusiasm to introduce her to Gulliver; his kiss on her hand ended up contradicting his intentions to please her and instead appalled her. 
The emperor’s enemies from a different empire wanted to attack them and Gulliver earned his trust by going underwater and sinking their ship. The emperor’s general and his men were not satisfied with the act and did accept the emperors gesture to hand Gulliver the highest Medal of Honor as it degraded their status to other Lilliputians so they asked him to proceed and kill the rest of the enemies. Ironically the king did not know the highest Medal of Honor so had to ask for confirmation. The medal was so small it had to be put around Gulliver’s pointing finger as opposed to his neck. Gulliver tried to be diplomatic and explained to them that the enemy was defeated and scared hence would not return but his words fell on deaf ears and the emperor and his wife were adamant that he would have to proceed with the plea of the people. That very night, before they were destined to set off to war at dawn, the castle caught fire and the little Lilliputians were unable to put it out with their little buckets of water from a distant source. Gulliver had had a little too much wine but decided to save the empress by putting out the fire. He urinated right on the fire and put it out but unfortunately stepped on the empress toes once again as the urine got onto her clothes and just as she was praising him for saving her life and finally accepting him, she realized she had become a laughing stock to all for her dress was covered in urine and not water as she had thought.  The gesture, though Nobel as it saved the empress did not go well at the high table and they decided to kill him or pull out his eyes. He got wind from his friend whose life he saved by not gobbling him up and run away. His friend and his father helped him build a raft and stole many bed sheets from the Lilliputians to make a sail. Gulliver awarded the young man with his golden ring which seemed like a fortune to him to keep him going for the rest of his life as he felt very rich. 
The Giant Island
Gulliver set sail and stayed for seven days and nights without spotting land. He was running out of food supplies and thought he would not make it alive when suddenly he spotted land just at the nick of time. He only had one sheep remaining which he carried in a little box the size of a small food container. He was glad to spot the land and did not care whether it had little people on it. To his surprise, it was the complete contrast of what he had encountered as he had landed in the giant peoples Island. One man crushed his raft as though it was a small wooden plank. They were so large, they neither spotted him at the sea shore, nor did they notice that they just crushed a man’s raft. All this while in the realistic world, the wife was concerned and sympathetic with Gulliver’s state of mind as he narrated and acted out his flashbacks totally oblivious of his actions and the thoughts of those around him. 
Gulliver was found by a man in a corn farm as they were harvesting and he exclaimed he had found an omen sent by mother earth. He hid Gulliver from others at the farm and took him home to his wife and daughter. Unlike the Lilliputians who treated him with fear, hostility and distrust, thinking he had fallen from the moon, in the Giant Island he was received with kindness and treated well like he was a good sign for a great harvest. Gulliver was frightened and hysterical in the Giant Island unlike the big, strong, mighty man he was at the Lilliputians Island. He pictured and described the giants as big, wrinkled and ugly then began to wonder if that was the same image he displayed to the Lilliputians. A dog frightened him as it seemed so massive and the farmer’s wife tried to reassure him that it was just a little dog and laughed at him but Gulliver who had just been given a piece of meat felt threatened and took off. The farmer’s daughter offered to keep him and take care of him while the wife kept making a mockery out of him and even asked him to dance for them. Similarly to the Lilliput Island, the first people to find Gulliver felt they would make a lot of money out of him. In the Giant Island they did succeed and via pretence used Gulliver to foretell people’s harvests in return for money. He was carried by the farmer’s daughter in a little cage the size of a parrot cage.  He was then sold to the giant people’s queen for a generous five hundred pieces of gold. The farmer was so greedy he even allowed his daughter to go with Gulliver after his plea to let the only kind person he had met go with him.  
Coincidentally, when Gulliver was presented to the queen, a dwarf was praising himself to be the smallest man alive. Little did they know, that there were even smaller people than the Gulliver they were about to meet. Gulliver was presented in a treasure box and used the farmer’s daughters hand to step out of it. The queen was mesmerized and used magnifying glasses to get a closer look at Gulliver and he did his best to please her without bursting his bubble as the smallest man for he knew for sure he was a giant to another community. With one swoop he had declared the dwarf obsolete and he thought that he would be treated with respect and kindness only to find himself in a laboratory as a specimen in research of his kind. The dwarf was jealous off course and later on sarcastically told the queen that he wasn’t jealous only to throw tomatoes at Gulliver after the queen turned away. There was a lot of satire represented in the mockery by the three gentlemen at the lab as they listened to Gulliver and laughed at him. The queen of the giants was generous, gracious and kind. She wanted everybody in the Island to share food equally. The irony of that as Gulliver put it was how there were different status or living standards if all were equal. It was also ironical how he got startled by the little girl appearing at the window of the dollhouse in which he lived whereas he mocked the Lilliputian authority by blowing off hats and eavesdropping via the very same windows. The farmer’s daughter was the only one who believed in Gulliver and wanted to visit his city and meet his queen. There arose a contrast in the relationship between the farmer’s daughter and Gulliver. She thought they would get married and get children yet she was only eleven. Gulliver had to subtly break the bad news that he was already married and had a son. There was synchronization between the point at which Gulliver was being examined by court elders in reality and his flashback was when he was answering the Giant queen on how the courts, the law and governing institutions in his city worked. Both the queen and the judiciary said they had had enough of his stories and ideologies as they saw it for one day and were both angered by his words and both postpone their next encounter by a month. Due to Gulliver’s disappointment in the way he was being treated he was rude and retorted to the farmer’s wife chasing her away. The dwarf took advantage of Gulliver’s solitude and tried to kill him by throwing items at him then leaving him to a swarm of bees which the dwarf called wasps to sting him to death.

Gulliver’s adventure within both Islands was short lived. In both Islands he was a subject to be explored due to his size difference with the people there. In both Islands, he had people who were friendly to him and who took care of him and on the other hand, he had enemies who did not accept him for who he was and made a mockery out of him. In both Islands, the highest authority were supportive of Gulliver and took time to listen to his views and his history but in the end, both did not agree with him. Lemuel Gulliver had to flee from Lilliput Island and  at the Giant Island was carried away in his cage by a giant eagle from the sea shore where he was with Glam to a new destiny. 


May 04, 2022

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