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Hamlet analysis paper

Ophelia is evidently insane in the fourth act, and the cause of her insanity is debatable. There are many statements she does that allude to the cause of her psychosis, but the actual cause of her insanity remains a mystery. Ophelia is portrayed as a very obedient young lady who does as she is told. Her few personal options seem to be complicating her life due to her high level of obedience. She is often required to obey the directions given to her about her life. It is clear that she is mourning the death of her father and this could be one of the reasons for her madness and a fact contributing to the form of confusion she seems to be suffering from. The woeful songs that Ophelia seems to be singing tell of great grief that she has for her father.
 �I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died. They say a made a good end.� (Shakespeare 180-181)
The confusion has come as a result of the death of the only person who used to advise her on various challenges that she faced in life.
Ophelia�s songs although alluding she is mourning the death of her father also have so explicit sexual references which could insinuate her obsession with Hamlet, who is now absent. She is mad for both losses of the father and loss of the person that she thought would love. The failed relationship with hamlet does not do much to help Ophelia gain sanity but only makes her madness worse.
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August 31, 2021

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