Hanston Township Crisis Case Study - Strengths

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According to the case

Hanston Township has experienced a sudden inflow of new residents, which has necessitated a number of changes. alterations in the fields of culture, education, housing, and health. Additionally, there have been some obvious modifications in terms of city services. The mayor is aware of this inversion and the changes it has brought about, and she has thus called for actions to guarantee that both the locals and the newcomers are treated fairly. She hopes that the newcomers will be welcomed and not ignored because doing so could endanger Hanston Town's ability to grow economically. Due to the new large population and rise in demand for various services, some professionals have emerged to give a hand in this matter. Dr. Richard who has a good background in medical services, politics, religion and family affairs, and his active status in community affairs show that he will be of great help where health matters are concerned. In addition to the qualities mentioned above, his 25 years' of experience serving on the Board of Education renders him a capable and greater individual in the society. All the above portrays Dr. Richard's strengths on the job at hand.

Also, Allyson Shel

depicts some strengths that suggest that she can play a significant role in due course of economic development in Hanston Township despite the sudden influx. First and far most, Shel shows strength in leadership; she has been President of Garden Club, Women's society, and Elementary School PTA. Still, from her presidency, we can conclude that she has strengths concerning teamwork, collaboration, solution-oriented, motivations among others (Parker, 2008). Her solid educational backgrounds render her as an individual with good writing and communication abilities. Her conservative ability shows her cultural strength whereas her long life in marriage suggests her diligence, dedication, and caring strengths.

On the other hand, Tommy Grange

who owns an Auto Repair Shop shows his hardworking strength. Grange further depicts a strong political background and strong faith in religion as well. His long life in marriage shows how caring he is. Consequently, Langston Krup shows his potentials too. Some of his strengths include diversity in matters of politics, leadership and also his education background suggest his forte in writing, management, and reliability among others. Since he was able to retain his job, this shows he is hardworking and solution and result-oriented as well. Lastly, Risa Lowry shows strengths in diversity; she is politically moderate. She is also hardworking and caring lady considering she and her husband have raised four children and eleven grandchildren. They are also focused, intelligent, compassionate, and inspiring; they raise funds and donate to those suffering from economic hardships. All these strengths render these professionals as dedicated to the job at hand as per the case.


From the case, I can note Dr. Richard George's political conservativeness renders him partisan and shallow in regards to politics. Also, this conservative shows that he is short-sighted where political matters are concerned. Just like Dr. Richard George's, Allyson Shel has no much of weaknesses of which few of them include being partisan (prejudice) and short-sighted in political matters. Tommy Grange, on the other hand, is aggressive; the reason they have no children. Still, he is uncaring, insensitive, close-minded, and negative and to some extent selfish; he and his wife organize to oppose the state's proposal to establish a facility for the mentally disabled. Langston Krup also shows some weakness. Since he is divorced, we can conclude that he is irresponsible, controlling, short-sighted, and many more aspects that do lead to divorce. Lastly, Risa Lowry also portrays fewer weaknesses than strengths; she is so many emotions, and also we can say she is impulsive.

New Committee Member Consideration to the Mayor

While considering the Hanston Township crisis case, I propose the following criteria consideration of new committee members to the mayor. First and far most, the mayor should consider members with a solid education background most of them are reasonable, creative, and initiative. They also show some strengths in management and when it comes to organizing. Equally, I propose for a committee that consists of non-partisan members; members that have a diversity when it comes to politics and is not politically biased. Moreover, I recommend for members that who are sensitive to communication, teamwork and have visions. As well, I propose for an open-minded staff; actually a staff that portrays all leadership qualities (Lencioni, 2012).


Lencioni, P. (2012). The five dysfunctions of a team: Team assessment. San Francisco, Calif: Jossey-Bass. Retrieved from: http://www.worldcat.org/title/five-dysfunctions-of-a-team-team-assessment/oclc/778327017

Parker, G. M. (2008). Team players and teamwork: New strategies for developing successful collaboration. Hoboken: Wiley. Retrieved from: http://www.worldcat.org/title/team-players-and-teamwork-new-strategies-for-developing-successful-collaboration/oclc/1002501880

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