Hillary Clinton's Role in American Politics

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During the early days of America, women had little contribution in the formation of the government. Politics was a man’s business. The situation continued until in the 1920 when the Nineteenth Amendment offered women the right of suffrage (Barbour and Wright 61). Since then, the role played by women in the American government has changed drastically. As a result, many women have become significant political individuals. Hillary Rodham Clinton, is one such female politicians. In fact, she has been the most prevailing woman in the American Government Politics. Many folks have accredited her involvement in politics with her marriage to Bill Clinton (Barbour and Wright 63). However, the claims hold no truth because, Hillary, the iron lady, had been active in politics before and even after her marriage. Hillary knew who she wanted to be from the beginning. For instance, in her commencement speech at Wellesley College during her undergraduate degree, she talked about change. According to her, politics was the only means of making all the impossibilities possible. Her dedication to pursue politics with dignity can be attested by her unmatched achievements. She has demonstrated to women, not only in America but also around the globe that everything is possible through dedication.

God is Love

One of the most confusing aspects of living in America is religion. Even though it has been inculcated in Americans from the earliest times that religion is their basic right. Unfortunately, difference in religion has resulted into varied opinions thus separating folks into rival groups. Being a Christian in America has been all well and good to its believers. Even so, the journey has been unpleasant to the Non-Christians, particularly, those of the Muslim faith. In the “land of the free”, religion has moved far away from God. The number of pure discriminatory and unethical acts have risen. Such atrocious acts are committed by the very members of the society who claim to act in the name of “God”. Of course anyone may wonder why a divinity would enjoy watching its creatures suffer. Therefore, the difference in the way people worship should not be a justification to these violent acts. It is important for every believer to understand that any true form of an organized religion constitutes love as its core principle. If only humans could ignore religion and let their lives be guided by love, there would be less hate and suffering.

Work Cited

Barbour, Christine, and Gerald C. Wright. Keeping the republic: Power and citizenship in American politics. Cq Press, 2016: 58-70.

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