Holocaust and Forced Sterilization

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The holocaust events did shake the world. They were so shocking and profoundly disturbing; nonetheless, it may not be hard to comprehend the reasoning behind it regardless of how unethical they were. The elimination of six million Jews was the worst crime against humanity, and it can also be compared although to a small degree the forced sterilization of people in the United States.  The utilization of eugenics to try and explain these occurrences is totally wrong. Eugenics attempts to explain that holocaust and forceful sterilization of people was a medical professionals’ obligation to eliminate the unfit in the society which in turn enhances the society and the economy.

 In the modern day, historians and scientists are warned against the concept of proving an idea and rather they ought to emphasize answering questions. Holocaust was an occurrence that led to the killings of Jews in millions, but it began with the concept that one race is better than the other. Tests were carried out to examine what constituted an ideal person, and this was the basis for which youngsters and grownups were subject to qualify for life itself. With both the Holocaust and forced sterilization, Jews and people with disabilities, that is, all kind of disabilities even the smallest disabilities were presumed to be unfit for the society and as such they ought to be wiped out. People of color, as well as Native Americans, became the targets. Being the minority groups, they were perceived to give birth to more children than white Americans. In essence, they were seen to be consuming a lot of resources, unlike the ideal white Americans who were having fewer children. This resulted in the notion that the white majority shall become extinct whereas the minority groups shall increase greatly in numbers and overtake the whites.

            Another factor was that Native Americans become the targets since scientists discovered that a vast majority were alcoholics. The scientists, however, failed to link to other underlying aspects like extreme poverty that might have increased the chances of alcoholism than genetics. The people from poor communities or those having kids with disabilities, deformities or intellectually weak, were encouraged to use contraceptives or do abortions. Infanticide was also employed also without informing the mothers.

 Historians together with scientists could learn from these occurrences by looking at their social and political impacts.  At present for instance, past racial injustices continue to bring a sense of distrust and anger amongst the minority groups. Seeking to answer questions would be an ideal way since the scientists would research on the causes of deformities, disabilities, high rates of alcoholism and such instead of trying to prove its existence and not finding a solution.  Such acts that target the vulnerable groups lead to social injustices and takes away focus on measures of reform.  If scientists for instance prove that African Americans are not up to par intellectually with their white counterparts, they will be discriminated  against in schools, marketplace, job market and even in society. Additionally, they end up getting lower remuneration even if they have the same qualifications as their white colleagues and being regarded as inferior.

            Another example in police brutality, scientists proving that there are high rates of crime amonst blacks as led to police to target black males and this has caused immense loss of innocent lives. Scientists and researchers should instead look into answering what causes high rates of crime in black neighborhoods. They then shall discover perhaps lack of jobs, poverty, and lack of empowerment and as such propose solutions to solve that problem.

 Holocaust and forced sterilization, therefore, serve as an example that scientists and researchers should seek to answer questions on the existence of things rather than proving their existence. Answering the questions why allows them to understand the causes, impacts and hence look for ways to solve that problem and mitigate it in the future rather than opting to wipe out the people affected.

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November 13, 2023

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