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In this short story

Anna Marie delves into the intricacies of homelessness. She brings it to life as portrayed by Ann who she meets at a bus terminal. Everything about her screams homeless, but she negates the fact by producing a sentimental photo of a home she once owned which holds dear memories. Anna brings in an entirely different perspective of what home is to her and other individuals; to the extent that some would rather sleep outside than in strange, unfamiliar houses. It is high time we treated homelessness as a detrimental personal issue that affects the people around us other than a far-fetched notion.

Home is where the heart is

Every person has a personal meaning of home - the mundane things like color, sound, smell and familiar smiles. It is the little moments and things that indeed count; they often go by unnoticed, but that is the very essence of home. To imagine that countless human beings around us like Ann do not have this relative feeling of home is utterly heartbreaking. What is more saddening is that they are so attached to their previous memories of home that they refuse to join shelter homes, opting to brave the cold outside and other uncomfortable situations. The fact that we have alienated such people and treated them as ‘them’ is what is most alarming. Where is our humanity?

It is clear that home is a basic necessity

and even carries sentimental value to most. Personally, home is where I find love and can be most comfortable in every aspect. I am grateful and cannot picture my life devoid of a home.

August 21, 2023


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