How Ney York is Different today than it was for White

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The Qualities of New York Today

The qualities of New York today are very different from those of White's period since there was more loneliness then than there is now, when there is increasing activity from traffic, pedestrians, and planes, among other things.

For instance, during White's period, the only congested place in New York was the area around the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This contrasts with today, when offices and people going about their everyday lives occupy the majority of the city.

Compared to the period when White wrote the piece, New York has more cafeterias today. Most cafeterias are found in towns and residential areas while during the 1940s they could only be accessed in urban areas.

New York had also changed in terms of increased availability of different forms of entertainment such as increased use of television by the residents of New York. Many people watched television programs in hotels and guest rooms.

The article also states that New York has experienced high incidences of crimes and burglary when it was written compared with 1890s when crime was not a major urban challenge (White and Roger 13). Most New Yorkers previously were proud about their city and believed that it was fun being associated with it, but things changed when White returned since he found that people never treasured their celebrities and did not have much fun in living in the city.

Many incidents that took place in the past still affect the activities and perceptions regarding the city such as buildings where Rudolph Valentino lay, the Hemingway publisher's office in Ernest, and the location where Walt Whitman sat writing out editorials.

What Remains Similar

What remains similar today as the time when White wrote the article is the fact that the residential areas of New York are composed of small neighborhoods in which are composed of people living in rental apartments.

What has remained similar as previous observation of the city is that the people still love being engaged in leisure activities such as hiking, biking, running, and swooping skaters. The involvement in these activities has been popular among most New York residents irrespective of their professional characteristics.

It is still regarded as a better sanctuary for residents of other regions such as Manhattan who consider it to be a place which promotes the achievement of personal fulfillment. It is also composed of people who are professionals in different fields of practice such as sport, religion, theatre, finance, or entertainment (White and Roger 16).

There are particular buildings and structures which still remain the way they were in the 1890s such as Metropolitan Opera where White used to work as an usher. There is increased privacy and the media does not show greater focus on the issues occurring in the community. For instance, a man who shot his wife was briefly mentioned in newspapers but no further action was taken or investigation of the incident conducted.

There has been a change in activities with the introduction of St. Patrick's Day which is celebrated by almost 500,000 residents of New York. Those who live outside New York and come about their businesses are not able to understand much about it due to occupational attributes such as sitting at the working desk. This results into inability to see features such as Belvedere Tower in the Park or ramparts which rise from the waters of the pond.

My Perspective on the City

According to my perspective regarding New York, it is a city which is highly revered by non-residents who believe in its modern residential facilities, adequate availability of transport and communication systems, cosmopolitan features, and the availability of security.

I also believe that it is a city with modern cultural characteristic in which people are able to associate with each other and allow easy movement and pursuance of personal objectives. However, since the local people are familiar with most developments in New York, they are less likely to consider it as having achieved development or improvement from its previous years such as 1940s.

This has led to increased influx of people from other cities and states to the amazement of the local residents. In spite of the attractiveness of New York to external travelers, it is prone to some forms of the worst kinds of terrorism and tourists have to take precautions not to be affected by such incidents.

This is due to the speculation that it can be affected by incidences of attack from aircrafts which have the potential to cause destruction of infrastructure and crumble bridges, and underground passes.

How My Experiences in New York Would Be

When I visit New York, the accessibility methods are more likely to be achieved by the existence of modern bridges which link the mainland to islands such as Manhattan. There are many access roads to different locations which can be used by personal vehicles or public transport.

Transportation is likely to be facilitated by the existence of a range of methods of transport such as Long Island Railroad that carries millions of commuters from their areas of residences to the New York City or Manhattan Island.

There are many historical preservations and cultures which I am likely to interact with during my visit to New York. The island of Manhattan is one of the areas with dense population due to its composition of people of different races who have permanent residences.

The existence of businesses and vendors of newspapers in the streets is an implication that I will not lack any product for leisure activity or the knowledge of the happenings around New York. I am also likely to visit a variety of public spaces for the purpose of relaxation.

For instance, the Governor's Island and the Seawall provide some of the exciting venues I am likely to visit when I enter into New York. Other exciting areas that I am likely to visit is the World trade Center at which the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred.

I would learn more about the measures that have been put in place to cope with the impacts of the attacks on the population of New York. The Empire State Building which is regarded as one of the tallest buildings in the United States is one of the venues I am likely to visit when I go to New York.

I would like to view its mooring mast and its associated with incidents such as people jumping off its high storeys or being struck by planes making it a major health and safety concern for pedestrians passing beneath it.

Works cited

White, E B, and Roger Angell. Here Is New York. New York: Little Bookroom, 1999. Internet resource.

March 17, 2023

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