How to engage and motivate employees

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The Success Assessment Process and Employee Participation

The essay discusses the success assessment process as well as employee participation. It has been said that success improvement is not a predetermined chain of events. Instead, it is a dynamic mechanism that is constantly renewing itself as success improves. Key activities provide ways to demonstrate skills and contribute to corporate objectives. It is worth noting that the success assessment components are part of an interconnected structure that can be linked to organizational goals. There has also been discussion about managers' views toward success improvement (Mone 2014). The employees are made more engaged and competitive in the case where performance management is done well.

Employee Engagement

Under employee engagement, there have been talks about how engagement as a construct is composite. An engaged employee is a person that is committed to their work and feels involved in all aspects of their job. They feel empowered and show their feelings in work behavior. Six facets exist in the engagement model. The first facet is loyalty where the employee decides to stick with the company and recommend it as a place that one can work (Mone 2014). The other facet is the empowerment which means the employee has the necessary tools to do the job effectively. A commitment which collaborates with a high focus level and energy is the other facet (Mone 2014). There is also involvement which a feeling of engagement by the employee. The employee is driven to do work at their level best.

Qualitative Research in Understanding Motivations and Opinions

Qualitative research is somehow an explanatory research. It assists in gaining insight of the actual motivations and opinions. From this research, the insight gained is that one needs first to understand the meaning of the topic to analyze the research. The second insight is the identification of the key terms in the research.


Mone, E. M., & London, M. (2014). Employee engagement through effective performance management: A practical guide for managers. Routledge.

January 25, 2023


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