How to improve self-control?

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The ability to master one's wants, emotions, ideas, and conduct in the face of temptations and impulses is referred to as self-control. Self-control is defined in psychology as the ability to defer gratification, refusing short-term temptations in order to attain long-term goals. My parents always made sure I finished my homework before I could go play with my friends or watch my favorite TV show when I was younger. I learnt to manage my desires, to put off the temptation to go play for a while until I finished my assignment. Currently, in school, this particular value is supported by the fact that amidst all the freedom one is expected to behave well, lead an upright life, and be able to meet deadlines and complete assignments in time. Friends also tend to influence you to do things that otherwise you wouldn’t do. Responsibility is another value. It is the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having a control over someone. This value is of great essence in the life of a human being. To live a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life one must be responsible.

I vividly recall learning this value from my family. There was a time, in my early years that I wanted to get a pet. My dad got me a dog but he firmly told me that I was the one who was going to take care of the dog. It may primary duty to feed, clean and take the dog out for walks. In school, am expected to be mindful of my actions and to always keep in mind that choices have consequences and that I cannot blame others for my mistakes. Responsibility and successes in life can be said to be Siamese twins joined at the hip (Roccas & Sagiv, 2017).

Perseverance is another core value which implies unyielding holding on in following a course of action. It is to keep doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. The fact if the matter is that life is never a smooth ride. There will be bumps here and there. The going will get tough. Times will be difficult. The strength and zeal to keep pushing on and striving to achieve one’s objective in the face of difficulties is what makes people successful. Our family was not one of the richest in the neighborhood. My parents couldn’t afford to get me the latest fashion wear, or the toys that I wanted. As a young person growing up, such an environment was challenging and difficult. Watching other kids playing with the toys that I dreamt of having was close to traumatizing (Kerwin, 2012).

At the present things are not much different. The going gets tough. Your boss at the work place might be hard on you, things sometimes don’t seem to be working out but I persevere. I hold on. Focusing on the final price, hoping that it will finally work out. For one to be successful in life, perseverance is an essential value. Acceptance is the act of accepting someone or something and being accepted. According to human psychology, acceptance is where a person agrees to the reality of a situation and acknowledging a condition without trying to change it.

Arguably, it is this value that unifies us with our fellow human beings. As children are growing up, this value is vital to them to accommodate them as they will be experiencing changes that comes about with adolescence. It is at this period that young people will desperately need affection and a feeling of association to a particular group. Some children may fail to fit in a group or feel rejected in the process of trying to blend in. Upon rejection, a child can experience deep sadness and even succumb to depression.

Academically it may be hard for one to fit in with the others at school. This may adversely affect their performance. Unless and until someone intervenes, the child may wallow in self-pity and depression which may eventually lead them committing suicide. Respect is defined as a way of treating people in a way that acknowledges them the way they are. It can also be defined as accepting others in terms of their abilities, actions or generally their worth. Respect is a core value in the life of human beings. My parents used to stress so much on this value as they claim that we will need it throughout our lives. My parents used to teach us to respect other people’s privacy. I recall them warning us against entering into other person’s items without their authority. This included bedrooms, phones, letters or mails. They Respect therefore is an integral part of our lives as it enables individuals to interact with one another harmoniously.

Respect unlike all the other values is earned and not given. People will therefore listen to you if you are willing to listen to them. Respect will also enable you to listen carefully to what others have to say without jumping into conclusion. It also will enable you to know the right time to speak up. Respect is an essential value in all aspects of life. In a school set up, respect plays a key role in ensuring that learners work together in a group. In other areas such as work places, respect will ensure no one goes into someone else’s documents unauthorized. In my opinion, respect is a value that will prevent friction arises between two or more parties.

Fairness is the state or condition of treating people equally without discrimination. It can also be acting in a way that is considerably right or free from injustices and biasness. Fairness and justice are interdependent, that is, without the one, the other cannot work effectively. There are relatively many injustices that we experience in our day-to-day life. It is therefore critical for us to practice being fair in our dealings. While still a young child. It happened that we used to argue with my siblings on who should do the house chores. Our parents used to intervene by allocating each one of us with what we should do. We saw it being fair and no one used to complain no more. In many cases, people are treated unfairly based on race, age, gender or religion. Fairness is relevant in all aspects of life. In court, the ruling should always be made fairly and that the wrong doers are punished and not the innocent.


Teacher Date

Age Range 2-5 years

Total number:

20 children


Title of Lesson: painting

Theme/Instructional Unit

Time Allocation 30min

Context of Lesson

Students will use sponges as painting tools.


To encourage creativity

To promote body coordination





10 minutes

Cut sponges into various shapes (squares, triangles, diamonds etc.)



Working Area

Translate the wordings into languages they can understand

10 minutes

Dip sponges in paint and dab them onto scrap paper to remove the excess paint.

Containers of paint.


Do follow ups and offer personalized assistance to the learners.

10 minutes

Use the sponges to create pictures on Bristol board, cardboard or other heavy paper.

Poster Board.

Container of water.

Specific pictures can be created or just fancy designs


Kerwin, L. B. (2012). Cultural diversity: Issues, challenges and perspectives. New York: Nova Science Publishers.

Roccas, S., & Sagiv, L. (2017). Values and Behavior: Taking a Cross Cultural Perspective.

April 26, 2023



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