Human Resource Management

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A well-functioning and effective infrastructure that guarantees resource management is an essential component of every profitable enterprise. Human labor management as a major resource necessitates an appreciation of workforce management practices.

Human resource administration and personnel management, in my experience, are separated by a fine line. Notably, the divergence stems from the fact that more conventional recruitment control focuses on workforce management from an institutional or management standpoint. This model guarantees recruiting, orientation, payout, and the resolution of any grievances or issues that might occur. As such, the narrow scope of personnel management revolves around employee utilization or manipulation and while human resource management embraces the broader and more acceptable appreciation of employees as essential organization assets. In other words, personnel management tends to use employee capabilities and replace them with others once their value diminishes. On the other hand, human resource management takes a much more extensive and organized approach where employees are treated as part of the company. They are treated as a resource that requires being catered for adequately including development, motivation, and maintenance.

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Due to the advancements taking place in human resource management, I feel that the process is heading in the right direction. Beginning with improved selection mechanisms that assure the acquisition of individuals who fit organizational cultures to training and development, as well as goals and rewards, human resource management enhances mutuality for performance improvement and employee growth and sustenance. Simply put, human resource management meets its objectives since both the employees and the organization benefit from each other leading to continuous progression and enhancement of company performance and employee capacity.

December 08, 2022

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