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The rate of change in the healthcare sector is unmanageable. Hence, developing a succession plan is viewed as a crucial step. The necessity for physician leadership and clinical integration, as well as the CEO's rising turnover rates, retirement rates, and shortage of already-available managerial talent, are some of the main causes driving the desire for succession. The leadership of a healthcare company should engage in succession planning in order to stay adaptable to the current environmental changes.

The CEO, HR director, and manager are among the key jobs in the healthcare organization. The presented positions are critical to the healthcare organization in that they ensure the smooth flow of activities in the institution. In the next two years, the healthcare firm seeks to have competent and qualified individuals at the presented positions that will ensure a smooth flow of activities within the healthcare organization.

Assessing and Evaluating the next generation into leadership

To meet the healthcare needs of the members of the community in the next two years, the Board should examine the required skills of leadership as well as core competencies which the institution should focus on for a better outcome. Additionally, the executive committee should consider making revisions to the job description of the CEO to ensure that the candidate dispatch his/her duties effectively. The presented notion originates from the fact that the CEO is on the top notch position within the firm. For effectiveness, the modified job description should be approved by the Board before being implemented (Burmahl, 2017). For the other vital management positions, the CEO alongside other executive team members should come up with revised job descriptions as necessary to meet the changing trend within the industry. Making the necessary changes in the leadership is important since it aids in improving performance and productivity in the workplace. Additionally, it also improves on the safety, quality and excellence within the workplace (Jones, 2017).

Criteria and Job Descriptions

The qualified candidate for the identified positions must have a great potential to create a vision for the organization. Additionally, he/she must be able to sustain the created vision. Team building is also a mandatory requirement alongside being able to communicate effectively and solving complex problems. Moreover, the potential candidates should have the capacity to motivate others and the ability to face opposition during difficult times.

The presented job descriptions relates to the goal of organization of having competent and qualified personnel within the top notch positions in the healthcare organization. Apparently, when the candidates meet the presented qualities as identified in the job description, it is highly evident that the other members of the team will carry out their tasks as required, following the competent leadership available. Evidently, healthcare firms have a hierarchical management structure with the management at the top position and the subordinates at the bottom. The presented fact suggests that information will always flow from top to bottom.

Job Progression

To ensure that the candidates keep up with the changing pace within the healthcare industry, training and development will be a necessary requirement. All the new recruits will have to attend scheduled seminars where they will learn about any new developments in the HR field within the healthcare sector. Such seminars will take place once after every three months for the next two years. As a result, they will maintain the pace noted with the industry. Furthermore, the professionals will always be encouraged to further their education and advance their learning whenever they find the opportunity. Not only will this ensure that they keep up with the constant changes within the leadership position but also increase their chances of promotion in the field (Clubbs, 2015).

Actions to be undertaken incase of a sudden vacancy

Various actions can be taken incase any of the identified members within the leadership position leaves his/her position vacant. For instance, an interim leader will be employed to complete such positions having in mind its importance. Assigning an interim leader to the identified position aids in promoting continuity in the healthcare firm especially when it comes to governance. Having the position remain vacant worsens the situation of quality service delivery which means that the firm may find it even more difficult to achieve its goals even after the implementation of the succession plan (Clubbs, 2015). Furthermore, assigning an interim leader to the position reduces panics which may arise incase the other staff members notice the existence of the vacancy. Despite this, the interim candidate should be provided with a drafted agreement which outlines what the organization and the board expects of him/her. The interim leader can also be encouraged to apply for the vacant position if necessary.

External Review and Selection

Before settling for the most qualified candidates for the identified positions, an external review of the candidates should be carried out. For instance, prior job experience and qualifications can be validated at this point. The move aims to ensure that the institution only identifies the best candidates for the leadership position (Martin, 2013).


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May 10, 2023

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