Human Resource Strategy: Formulation, Implementation, and Impact

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Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has the proper number and type of people in the right place at the right time, capable of effective and efficient specialization, to help it achieve its goals. As a human resource manager who has recently graduated from college in the subject of human resource management, I will first be perplexed as to where to begin, but since I have been given the opportunity, I will have to adapt to the situation. This document attempts to show how I will be of significant assistance to Phillips Furniture. As a human resource manager from training, I would tell Mr. Phillips that the activities that I would focus on is first ensuring that the organization runs effectively by ensuring that the six stores plus the newly acquired manufacturing firm do not face any crisis. I would first concentrate on setting up policies that will ensure the smooth running of the manufacturing firm without altering the running of the other six stores.

Accessing the Current State of the Organization Resources

First, I would focus on accessing the current state of the organization resources. I will do this by checking on the human resource inventory that describes the skills available in the organization then look at the job analysis available so that I would be able to get the information about jobs currently being done in the organization. This information is critical input for job description, which is usually a written statement of what the job holder does, job specification, which are the characteristics needed to perform the job sufficiently, and the job evaluation, which is used in the development of compensation. This will give me an idea of what type of employees I am dealing with and what available resources are in the organization, also I will know what other resources need to be added.

Reviewing the Organization's Overall Objectives and Revenue Projections

Secondly, I would like to review the organization's overall objectives and revenue projections. Every organization or firm usually has a set of objectives that it sets before it begins being functional or before it undertakes a project (Bamberger, Biron & Meshoulam (2014). In this situation, I will assess the strategic plans of his organization. The plan will guide me on what I am expected to do in the organization and I will be able to know what strategy I am going to adapt or employ to ensure that I lead the organization into achieving its set objectives.

Translating the Organization's Revenue Projection into a Focus of Demand for Human Resources

Thirdly, I would translate the organization's revenue projection into a focus of demand for human resources. This strategy will help me to know if the organization is functional and its chances of developing or growing, hence allowing for better decision making. Fourthly, I would make an evaluation or an assessment and focus on the internal and external supply sources and finally match the future demand and supply. This will highlight shortages and overstaffed positions.


Human resource management has the spokes of will, in that each area impacts on the human resource output such as the quality of work life, productivity, and readiness for change. As a human resource, I will address these three aspects to ensure that I have led Mr. Phillips' organization into achieving the set objectives. I will align HRM strategies to the organizational plans to guarantee their effectiveness.


Bamberger P. Biron M. & Meshoulam I. (2014), Human Resource Strategy: Formulation, Implementation, and Impact, Routledge

June 06, 2023


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