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A Human Resource Director and the Human Resource Information System

A Human Resource Director of a large company must consider the Human Resource Information system in order to successfully handle the workers in the enterprise and connect the different ties between workforce management and job performance. Understanding the Human Resource Information System familiarizes the Human Resource Officer with many organizational activities. He learns how certain activities within the organization, such as hiring, staffing, coordination, and oversight, are carried out. This is critical for him since he is the head of the organization and must understand the ins and outs of his workforce.


The Risk management process is the systematic application of various aspects of management to the various tasks in the organization with the aim of identifying, controlling and mitigating any risks that may arise while conducting the tasks. This is a necessary part of every management strategy; as a matter of fact, it covers every project management in the organization (Southern Cross University, 2017).


E-recruiting is the practice of using the web and associated tools for finding, interviewing, assessing and hiring new personnel for an organization. It is an emerging trend that has greatly improved the flexibility of businesses, especially in the human resource management area. As a human Resource director, it is important to understand e-recruiting as it is a new avenue that gives the business an edge. The current world is largely driven by technology. As such, the Human resource director must be abreast with emerging practices such as e-recruiting if he is to maintain an edge over the competitors. E-recruiting has numerous advantages such as; convenience, cost effectiveness, eradication of bias, fast and efficient and finally, it enhances transparency. It is convenient since the organization and the potential recruits undertake the entire exercise from the comfort of their places of residence or wherever they are. It is cost effective since neither travel costs are involved nor paneling costs. Bias is eradicated since the system is largely automated in most cases. It fast since the servers can handle several applications at ago. Last but not least, it is transparent. This is so because the entire process is handled by computers which do not seek to hide or smuggle certain details and aspects. The negative aspects of e-recruiting lie in its lack of personal touch. The computers can't deduce factors such as forged documents and lies. Examples of e-recruiting tools are; Resumix, people soft and LinkedIn talent. Resumix is largely used by NASA (, 2017)in its e-recruiting programs, LinkedIn is based on the LinkedIn social professional network while people soft is developed by Oracle and largely centered on performing all sorts of procurement activities, recruiting included (, 2017). When making considerations for e-recruiting, it is important to consider the type of tool, its fitness for the business and its ability to be scaled, adapted and maintained.

Self-Service Technology

These are technology driven interfaces that allow the customer to produce services without the help of a direct service employee. It is important to understand self-service technology as a human resource director since it has impacts on the organization's staff. The Human resource manager must understand the technology so that he can determine whether it is appropriate for his organization or not and how best to adopt it. Self-service portals are advantageous to organizations due to the fact that they minimize the need for physical employees. Additionally, they are fast and efficient. Finally, these services save on costs. Minimization of physical employees means costs on salaries are reduced. The fast and efficient nature makes them viable since they can boost business operations. Examples of Human Resource service portals in an organization are the company's employee registration portal. On this platform, the employee can interact with company officials and u[date his or her own status. Examples of self-service technologies are; employee self-service applications such as benefits enquiry, manager self-service applications such as time card approvals and strategic self-service applications such as job applications. When making considerations for self-service technologies, it is important to consider the type of tool, its fitness for the business and its ability to be scaled, adapted and maintained. Additionally, it is mandatory that the chosen tool is easy to use by the target group (Gueuta, 2005).

E-Learning and E-Training

E-learning refers to taking lessons and education on an online platform that has been designed to handle the teaching of students. It is important for a Human resource director to be conversant with e-learning as it is a technology that holds great opportunities for the staff of the company. The Human resource manager must understand the technology so that he can determine whether it is appropriate for his organization or not and how best to adopt it. Some of the tools that the Human Resource departments can engage in online learning are; Canvas, Oracle Taleo cloud service, and Moodle. Moodle and Canvas are e-learning platforms that link the learners and the educators. In this case, the Human Resource Department and the current as well as potential employees. They have modules that are designated to the students and those designated to the educators. They also have sections that allow for conversations among students and lecturers as well. I would use these technologies due to the fact that they are simple to use and are heavily customizable. Consideration while selecting an e-learning platform are; costs, simplicity, applicability, ability to customize and the ability to be easily upgraded and maintained. The organization must pick a platform that it can afford in terms of maintenance and initial costs of installation. The platform must be able to be customized to meet the needs of the organization as they change. It must be adaptable and robust enough to deal with the organization's needs. Importantly, the platform must be able to be applied to the various activities and cultures within the organization (Torres, 2004).


Information technology has revolutionized several aspects of the Human Resource departments. It has brought vigor and freshness to these departments through various tools aimed at improving the efficiency of the organization. However, proper integration of these tools is mandatory for a successful outcome.

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December 28, 2022

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