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Human Rights and Locke Theory

Theory of human rights and lock

I assume that the following is a list of rights for all human beings:

  • Living Right
  • Land right
  • Freedom right
  • Right to freedom and autonomy
  • Privacy privileges
  • Innocence right unless otherwise proved
  • Right to a fair decision
  • Don't be pushed into slavery
  • Education correct
  • Freedom to play and recreate
  • Claim to equal and fair compensation
  • Social protection protections, for example John Locke Theory of Natural Law

John Locke came up with his philosophy postulating that the state of nature composts of natural conditions without civil authority or a form of government thereby peace and mutual distrust prevailing among humanity (Fieser 135). As such, the law of nature does not require a group of persons in the name of a government to enforce the basic rights since every other person can serve as the jury, judge, and executor of individual rights. In this case, the law identified three undeniable rights that even the government cannot alienate. They include the right to live, own property and to have unlimited liberty.

On the other hand, Locke did not merely advocate for an egoistic self-preservation to the extent of denying other people the same rights. In this case, he campaigned for the need to consider others people as equally important (Freeman 25). For instance, the right to life is universal and hence there is a need to have an applicable form of control to enable a human being to exist mutually without infringing other people’s rights (Fieser 136). As such, Locke postulates that there is an undeniable need to have a center of power to ensure that inalienable rights are protected thereby punishing those found culpable of denying others their rights.

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April 07, 2021
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