Ignorance Is Bliss: The Matrix Movie

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The Matrix is a science fiction film that was released in 1999. The film is based on Hilary Putnam's theories about truth, which have been incorporated into the film's philosophies. The film was able to make use of a variety of characters present throughout the matrix. The people in the matrix's activities and acts are dependent on delusions formed by a computer that determines how they experience and view their surroundings. The film has been able to capture various instances that are considered to be a result of ignorance and happiness. Hence, this essay is an analysis of ignorance is bliss and leads to happiness.

The Matrix film is a creation that was aimed at explaining the perceptions and skepticism that Hilary Putnam had regarding the knowledge that the society has when it comes to reality and how it is being perceived by the people. The ideas that have been presented in the film have the capability of altering how people within the society think about their existence as well as how they feel about their environment. This is a possible recipe for chaos in the minds of the people this is more so when it comes to how people think about their happiness based on the ignorance that they have about various factors that surround their existence just as indicated in the Matrix film. Hence, the film is rooted in the fact that people are living in a world that they think is full of happiness based on the ignorance that they have regarding reality (Niemi 442).

The issue of happiness and ignorance that is found in the film is based on the fact that there is the use of a computer that can create experiences and perceptions that the people feel and more so those who are in the matrix. There is a giant computer that controls everything, and this is because it is linked to the sensory nerves of the people.
The computer is tasked with creation of a perfect world for individuals who are in the matrix. This makes the people ignorant of what is happening, and thus they think that they are experiencing absolute happiness.

The creation of the world that is characterized by happiness is based on the control that one man has who is in charge of controlling the big computer that is used in the film. The data that is transmitted to the brain of an individual is based on what the person controlling the computer wants them to believe and thus the brain believes whatever data that is being fed. This is mostly based on happiness that they experience and thus it creates a bliss that is being felt by most of the individuals in the film such as Cypher.

The issue of ignorance and happiness has been attributed to the statement that was made by Cypher when he was eating steak. During the part in the film, Cypher says that he knows that the steak does not exist and this is because he believes that when he puts in his mouth, the matrix will inform his brain that the steak is indeed delicious and juicy.

Cypher's statement is one of the most significant aspects of the film that has been able to reveal the fact that the film is based on the issue of ignorance in the lives of the people in the matrix that makes them feel like they are happy.

Also, Agent Smith who is sitting with Cypher does not seem to be surprised by the statement that Cypher has been able to make. This is an indication that indeed, being ignorant is linked to the happiness that the people in the matrix are feeling.

The film has an instance where Cypher who has been able to experience and see reality and wants to returns to the matrix. This is a betrayal to the reality in the film by Cypher. This is an indication that he wishes to return to the matrix to be happy and this is driven by the desires to be ignorant so as to live a life that is perfect without any challenges like the ones that are being faced when one has been able to experience reality.

The desires that Cypher has that has been able to make his return to the matrix is based on the pleasures of the mind at the expense of real existence, and this is a critical issue that does not make him be a bad guy in the film. He is only after happiness that he deems to be good to him.

Ignorance being linked to happiness is one of the issues that Neo has been able to face in the film, and this is based on the choice that he has been given regarding the red and the blue pill that he was offered. The red pill allows an individual to know the truth while the blue pill is for allowing an individual to live in the matrix with the false sense of existence and happiness.

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The choice of knowing the reality allows one to live with the consequences of the experience that they will have gotten after knowing what the reality and truth is. In the film, the main characters are living based on the information that they have been able to know, and this is part of the consequences that they are facing in their lives, and this is different from the time that they were happy since they were ignorant of what awaits them in life.

The film shows that ignorance is linked happiness and this is based on the fact that the characters are determined to fulfill their prophecies based on what the Oracle had revealed to them. This makes them not to enjoy happiness as they are no longer ignorant of how their lives are destined. This is a further reinforcement that indeed ignorance allows one to experience bliss and happiness. The prophecy that was made for the characters is based on their leaves within the matrix.

Based on the prophecies that the charterers have, they are faced with internal struggles, and this is related to how their actions are affecting the prophecies that the Oracle has given them. This creates a situation whereby they feel a burden that they were not experiencing when they were still ignorant of the roles that they have in life (Phang and David 164).

The issue of the characters knowing their fate in the film and how it affects their happiness is linked to the notion that was held by Plato. Plato indicated that the virtue of wisdom is based on the profitability and usefulness that it has and on the other hand, it has the capability of being useless and also hurtful (Schor et al. 4). This relates mainly to Neo who learns more about Morpheus and how their destinies are intertwined. The Oracle indicates that the life of Neo and Morpheus are linked that that in the and there will the death of one of them and this is based on the roles that they play within the matrix.

Neo learns that a time shall come when Morpheus will try to save him, and in the event, either of them will die. If this is analyzed based on notions that are held by Plato as indicated in the above paragraph, then it is clear that Morpheus dying is beneficial to Neo as he will be able to live. On the other hand, the death of Morpheus will cost him his happiness as he will blame himself and thus fulfilling the argument that indeed ignorance is bliss and it causes happiness.

A person is weak if they are aware of the truth and this has been captured by Hulpoi (113) and freedom is linked to slavery while strength is linked to ignorance. This relates significantly to the issue of ignorance is bliss as themed in the Matrix film. In the case of Neo, had he not known the truth about his role in the death of Morpheus he would have remained stronger. This means that he would have been happier since he would have been ignorant of the fact that he was going to contribute to the death of Morpheus. In the film, Neo is weakened by the information, and this is seen when he second guesses almost all the actions that he is involved in.

Matrix film can be related to the Republic which is one of the classical works that Plato was involved in. The Republic indicates that there are instances when knowledge can be overbearing to an individual and this is mainly when an individual is handling the issue alone (Hulpoi 109). Thus, some of the individuals often tend to prefer to remain ignorant about cretin issues than to be overwhelmed with information that cannot be able to give them peace of mind. In the film, Neo has come to the realization that his entire life he has been living a dream and that his life is mainly controlled by a computer. Knowing that his life as all been a dream, Neo begins to seek the truth which later deprives him of his happiness.

The essay analysis has been of the Matrix film has able to show the various aspects of ignorance being bliss and its linkage to the happiness. The analysis shows the classical application of ignorance and happiness as applied by the author of the storyline that has been used in the film. The analysis has been able to use strong and persuasive evidence from the film and also from other authors to show how ignorance in the film has been able to make life in the matrix to be full of happiness by influencing what the brain believes. Also, has been found that being knowledgeable about something tends to deprive one of their happiness. Therefore, in conclusion, Matrix film has demonstrated that ignorance is bliss and leads to happiness.

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