Immigration to the United States of America

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According to Dean, Hartley, and Lucinda (19), immigration refers to the transfer of people from their home countries to another country with the goal of settling there. Immigrants are certain entities or groups of persons. Immigration has recently become a prominent and contentious topic, particularly after Donald Trump's election as the 45th President of the United States of America. Prior to his election as President to replace Barrack Obama, he made it known in his manifesto agendas that he would set stringent legislation in place to fight by reviewing immigration regulatory laws and policies. After being elected, such camping slogans came into effect with a ban notice imposed on the seven Muslim countries. This paper, therefore, is a proposal for change an equivalence of an argument that highlights immigration as a contemporary political as well as social issue in the United States.

The United States of America as noted by (Dean, Hartley, and Lucinda, 22: Lakoff, George, and Sam, 16) is considered the land and home of immigrants. It is internationally recognized as the place where the majority of her population can trace their origins to different countries, states or nations. America is a hub of immigrants such that her population constitutes immigrants from different geographic regions of the world. The mega-accomplishments, individual fulfillments, and successes inspired by the American dream are consequences of the citizens believes in diversity, unity, respect for individual differences and the urge to coexist peacefully and in harmony. Hence, diversity marked with different abilities and potentialities largely in principle contribute to the melting pot and bubbling ideas and cultures that drive the economy and eventually empowers everyone- citizens and immigrants included.

However, as much as the United States of America celebrates and prides her hospitality in welcoming the immigrants from every part of the world, the prevailing political paradigms show that the immigration system is marred with challenges and problems. These follow the evident pragmatic and drastic measures which the current ruling government has chosen to respond to issues of the immigration. For instance, the quagmire circumventing the immigration system have come to the limelight of the American politics. According to Nunn, Nathan, Nancy and Sandra (25), the controversies are fueled with a sharp divide among the U.S citizens who fear and feel that immigration threatens their survival opportunities and those who view immigration as the building block of the American society. Thus, there are those leaders like Trump who would want to ensure that Americans are given priority in terms of distribution of resources where jobs and available opportunities are first given to them. From another perspective, the ruling government vilifies the undocumented immigrants who are in the U.S without certification to legally be in the U.S. Such illegal immigrants are to blame for accessing resources as well as taking jobs when they are fully informed that their actions are contrary for they ought not to be in there.

Imperative to take into account is that the democrats and the republicans have both identified with enacting procedures and regulations that are anti-immigration as deleterious and detrimental to the economies of U.S. For illustrative reasons, it is recognized that political debates are ripe and on the verge of making efforts to reform immigration be a success. The Trump administration through the U.S legislature is working to review and make better the immigration requirements and implement new strategic policies that would function effectively (Nunn, Nathan, Nancy and Sandra, 27). The objective targets to reform certain major tenets within the immigration system. The goal is to implement procedures that allow qualified skilled and talented immigrants who will be able to add value to the economy of use as opposed to giving many visas to undeserving people on the basis of family relations and ties to the U.S. Nonetheless, the reviews could be argued to serve by the immigration through re-enforcing the systems and implement changes that ensure the unauthorized immigrants no longer flood the U.S. Similarly, the procedures should ensure that those already in the U.S and manage to pass verifications and found to have legal papers will be legally permitted to continue living in the U.S. Hence such verifications should entail certified documents, qualifications, thorough proof of background checks, ability, and commitment to paying taxes as well as ability to speak English for effective communication.

Comparatively, it is exemplified that immigration is becoming a widespread phenomenon. This follows globalization and its impacts including changing the perception of individuals about others and realization of the benefits of diversity. According to Ovaskainen (13), both importing and the exporting countries are able to benefit equivalently. For example, while the importing country like U.S benefits from being able to tap into new talents and skills from qualified individuals, the exporting country avails international job avenues for her members. Moreover, it has been reported by Ovaskainen (22) that is through immigration that immigrant’s expertise, knowledge and experiences on various fields cross the borders, thus, individuals of different nations are able to share and integrate ideas as well as varied cultures to become efficient workforces. Other scholars interested in international relationships including Ovaskainen, (9) adds immigration to technology and the internet as the forces behind the thriving global prosperity. Notable on the other hand, it that at the realm of economic growth as an advantage stemming from immigration and its related effects, it must not be forgotten that immigration has unlimited possibilities of resulting in ethnic tensions and conflicts. For instance, as argued in the case of U.S current immigration situation where there is the claim that immigrants are taking jobs from the citizens, thus, widening unemployment, the immigrants as well cold find it hard to adapt to the cultural practices and beliefs of such countries. The result is the higher probability of the vagrants becoming homeless besides fueling the rise of the informal settlements that creates a breeding ground for criminals and violence of all manners.

The advantages of immigration out ways the disadvantages hence it should be high time the U.S government considered ensuring massive permission with immigrants of their interests. For instance, due to immigration, talents have been harvested from various countries hence has solved the problem of human shortage in respective industries and business sectors which contribute massive chunks in respect to the economic shares. It is arguable that countries like U.S have adopted polite terms for a talent search by preferring to use outsourcing of talents as opposed to being in search for skilled and talented immigrants (Portes, Alejandro, and Bryan, 13). Evidently, the U.S had adequate workers hence it is only proper that it does not employ strict measures but instead should have policies that clearly spell out requirements and standards that must be met. In so doing, the states would be able to attract increased number of foreigners for the purposes of boosting the creative and innovative opportunities to advance in the market competition. It must not be forgotten that emerging worlds, as well as the developing third countries, are going to the best expertise and skilled personnel available in already developed countries who train them to be better prepared for production and service advancements as far as technology is concerned. For instance, in a study involving the ability to export employees, it has been able to expand job opportunities for her fast growing population and overpopulated country. From another perspective, it has been able to secure mega development projects delving in infrastructure in countries like Kenya thus has been able to expand her annual revenue collection.

Nevertheless, immigration provides chances for experts and act as a window of opportunity to learning students. Many students work hard in their academics to secure scholarships abroad while others sponsor themselves for further studies (Portes, Alejandro, and Bryan , 29). Therefore, it is the country that will be hosting them to ensure that they meet and be certified according to the guidelines of the immigration system after meeting all the academic requirements for further education opportunities of their interests. Upon completion of such education programs, the students perform to the satisfaction of the academic boards and recommended standards. Thus, are qualified to obtain international jobs. In this view, it is not that they take the jobs and hence increase the unemployment rates but they deserve such opportunities for it was their dream and worked hard through all odds to be considered for such opportunities. For instance, their sheer hard work with determination opens opportunities to secure certain international jobs that only them with such right and required skills have. Under such circumstances, the citizens can arguably be to blame for not working equally hard to obtain the needed skills for similar or same job opportunities. Hence instead of complaining that immigrants are taking way better jobs from them, they should equally work hard as well to see to it that competition for such lucrative jobs is offered in a competitive mode.

Notable from Portes, Alejandro, and Bryan, 14) is that president Donald Trump major social and political concern was that of the immigrants taking job opportunities that ought to be for the Americans. Point to note is that companies and businesses operating in the U.S are in need of human workforce who can help achieve the companies or business objectives. Thus, the immigrant qualifies for such job opportunities through rigorous interviews. The implication is that they do not allocate or rather give themselves such job opportunities but rather are absorbed by the employers based on their competencies and skills. It is for this reasons that they are preferred. Other reasons for the trending increased rate at which the immigrants are not only employed in the U.S but in the entire world is that they are efficient and can be hired at relatively cheaper costs. Such considerations boost the industries or businesses by benefitting from economies of scale as well as decreased costs of operations that ascertain business or company’s sustainability, growth and enlarged window for growth dependent on diverse skills and talent harbored among the employees. Within the United States of America, perfect examples that exemplify the benefits of immigration are Chicago and California (Triandafyllidou, Anna, and Sabrina, 55). The two states realized the massive and intense growth of their economies that relied on heavy investments that had been made on the immigrants intensive business sectors including businesses, industries, and factories. Therefore, government paradigms should endeavor to put in place measures that govern immigration systems instead of issuing threats that derail the process of accessing desired opportunities for deserving individuals.

Immigration according to Triandafyllidou, Anna, and Sabrina (33) has in store the ability to open doors for development for every country that experiences massive influx through the legal procedures. Despite people blaming it for increasing the tension and leading to increased crime rates, drug trafficking and terrorism acts, many of such can be controlled and illegal acts barred from taking place. Fundamental changes that should be done to ensure the effective functioning of the immigration system is to, first of all, ensure that the legal procedures are followed to the latter. The personnel at the immigration should be vetted and found to be qualifying for such opportunity if they have the skills and the character including integrity and honesty to work in such a high provide and tasking system. Ones employed, reshuffling of the staff should be on weekly or any time deemed necessary to ensure are no opportunities of the immigration employees doing dirty businesses with unqualified immigrants who would take advantage of thriving relationships to bribe them.


From the above argument, it is noted that the major issue facing immigration is legal procedures and immigrants claiming job opportunities. However, it is imperative that such legal procedures can be made to function well by implementing legal regulations that only allow immigrants with proof of legal documents to get into the hosting country. Regarding job opportunities, it is a wake-up call to the citizens of the countries experience increased number of legal immigrants to pull up their socks and acquire the right and required skills that it take to compete for equivalent job opportunities that they claim are being taken away from them.

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January 13, 2023
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