Implementation of Wireless Technology in Small Firms

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Small businesses play a substantial role in the development of the economy in all the major industrial sectors through the increase of turnover as well as the improvements in levels of employment. Small firms appear to be the essential drivers in the success of any entrepreneurial economy since they offer a variety of innovative advancements along with new business models and ideas. For their success, these businesses focus on having a competitive technological advantage which should be implemented in a manner that enhances their effectiveness and efficiency. According to Asil and Naralan (2016), small firms are prone and vulnerable to failure during the early stages of wireless technology implementation in trying to overcome the competitive threats.

            There are various instances where small firms should not implement the wireless technology especially in their early stages of operations. Before deciding on such a move, it is important for these companies to evaluate their internal capabilities regarding resources such as adequate starting capital and expertise. Additionally, these firms experience technical as well as managerial hitches thus reducing their abilities in facing stiff competition as well as stabilizing market fluctuations. The resource-based view is a consistent issue that should be considered since it reduces the accessibility of innovative and modern technologies (Asil and Naralan, 2016).

            On the other hand, there are multiple reasons for a business to implement wireless technology. According to Lund (2016), firms which can effectively utilize such technology attract a positive influence and strategic advantage. The adoption of wireless technology plays a significant role in the provision of valuable and up to date information, improvement of customer and supplier relationship with the business as well as the development of new ideas. Additionally, these systems allow for the deepening and maintenance of collaboration with other potential firms along with the offering new communication channels while reducing production costs.


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September 11, 2023


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