Importance of Attention in Learning

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Many theories have suggested that the ability of the human mind to recall the past and forecast the future includes an active construction process. The process also aids in the development of a person's perception, linguistic skills, and critical thinking. As a result, this essay discusses the importance of working memory, language, and attention in the context of learning.

The management of educational materials in memory is aided by attention. As a result, by allowing the variety of resources, it lowers the level of inputs to a manageable volume (Marchetti, 2014). Additionally, by enabling the mind to be awake, the process aids in coping with the complex issues presented by the environment. Impact of Perception in Learning

Perception is an active channel of development executed by the subject and not a replication of an already made domain. Significantly, the medium helps in determining student's behavior. Thus, understanding of the thought is more vital in elucidating the kid's conduct. Significantly, learners tend to derive and process information in different moments concerning visual and auditoria perception (Marchetti, 2014).

Significance of Working Memory in Learning

Working memory is considered a tool that helps in data manipulation within a short duration and eventually stores records in the memory. Therefore, it's required in the maintenance of current and previous information, and to distinguish between good and irrelevant materials regarding the activity to be executed (Marchetti, 2014).


From the discussions, working memory, attention, and perception plays a significant role in the learning process of a student. This is demonstrated by the ability of understanding to enable one to view a subject in different characteristics that eventually enhance critical thinking of the mind through attention. Significantly, the capability of working memory to distinguish appropriate and inappropriate information enables one to have fair judgment.


Marchetti, G. (2014). Attention and working memory: two basic mechanisms for constructing temporal experiences.

February 09, 2023

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