Importance of Normalization

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Data redundancy in connections to the database can be reduced through normalization. When talking about normalization, a number of things might be taken into account.

Some of the critical elements are listed below:

i. Dependencies that are functional

This needs to be taken into account because normalization works on a single connection at a time, finding dependencies between relations as well as normalizing relations. The first step in the procedure is to identify a connection's dependencies, after which the relationship is gradually broken apart into a collection of new relations that are dependent on the newly formed dependencies. For instance, the student database can be split up to address several tables, including the state, the city, and street as well ZIP from which they come (Kim, 1982).

ii. Normal forms

There are three kinds of normal forms associated with the relational database, with each level addressing a particular aspect of redundancy. The objective is to obtain a database on the highest normal form possible. However, getting the highest normalization form does not necessarily mean that it’s optimum for a particular database (Kim, 1982).

Denormalization Functionality

Denormalization is the process through which a normalized table is rejoining to reclaim redundancy to raise the performance of a query. The process is important because it reduces frequency in the tables hence making the queries faster. For example, after Denormalization of the example of students and their addresses as mentioned above, the table should indicate the correct addresses. Other examples can include employees and their departments as well as managers and departments (Bock & Schrage, 2002).

Possible scenarios outcomes for missing steps in the checklist

If one of the steps in the data-modeling checklist is missed, then there could be two tragic scenario outcomes. First, there could be the use of wrong names for the data, and secondly, there could be insufficient column width for the data in the tables (Bock & Schrage, 2002).


Bock, D., & Schrage, J. (2002). Denormalization guidelines for base and transaction tables. ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 34(4), 129.

Kim, W. (1982). On optimizing an SQL-like nested query. ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 7(3), 443-469.

February 01, 2023


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