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Electronic Health Record Systems

There are numerous electronic health record systems in use. These programs are designed to keep medical records organized. The data should be protected from access by unauthorized parties while yet being accessible to the appropriate healthcare professionals. These systems' advantages include better patient data access, preventive healthcare, and higher data capture costs. (George, 2013).

Comparison of Athena Health, Care 360, and Epic Systems

When Athena Health, Care 360, and Epic Systems are compared, there are many commonalities between them and a few differences that distinguish them from one another. They are designed to be convenient, secure and meet certain specific needs of the client. All three systems strive to uphold the security of patient information. Therefore, they provide authentication, authorization and controlled access to the health record. According to George, the advantage of both systems is the cloud based platforms which have the edge over the locally hosted system. (2013). One of the main challenges experienced by all application is the issue of downtime that slows down the running of the facilities. All the three systems subject users to authentication when attempting to use the application to access information. Moreover, they all are aimed at simplicity. However, users claim that Athena Health is less user-friendly of the three as it is complicated. Epic systems, on the other hand, has been reported to contain heaps of information that one needs to unravel to get what they want; it is time-consuming (Carr, 2013).

Protection of Patient Privacy

All the three systems protect patient's privacy and ensure that information is kept confidential. However, they are absolutely secure because they are operated by human and therefore log in credentials can be shared with unauthorized personnel. Changing information from one system to another is still a challenge because institutions do not agree to give out information and this results in patients incurring the cost of data transfer. HER systems are a giant leap in the health sector, but they incur a few challenges that can be overcome with time.


Carr, D. F. (2013). Athenahealth: The Other Side Of The Cloud. UBM Information Week.

George, M. M. (2013). Electronic Health Records: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Health Information Technology. 2017 Becker's Healthcare.

July 07, 2023


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