The Innovative Approach for Improving Employee Motivation

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The innovative approach for improving worker motivation and productivity through verbal exchange is a major area of situation for competitiveness of organizations. In my organization, it has been established that there is low motivation resulting into decrease level of productivity in contrast with the expectation of the abilities of my employees. While measures have been put in place to speak to employees about significance of turning into motivated in achieving a greater productivity, most employees in the organization nonetheless show lack of motivation towards their work. Some personnel do not get the messages communicated to them during meetings, cellphone conversations, or individual coaching. Furthermore, some employees depend on their colleagues regarding the updates about the information which are communicated by the management or directors. This is subject to reception of distorted information that is not in accordance with the mission and vision of the organization. This has resulted into the need to use a different approach of communication that will ensure all employees access the motivational messages which can result into an improvement of their morale and productivity. I have found out that the solution to the lack of motivation and reduced productivity is to implement a method of communication which will provide employees with the urge to work hard according to their potentials. Motivational messages will provide employees with the willingness to perform tasks according to their abilities, develop positive attitude towards work, and increase the organization’s profitability.

The use of newsletters has been identified as the most suitable method of communicating with employees at the organization.  The advantage of the use of newsletters is that motivational information will be available to all employees in their offices, rest rooms, and meeting halls (Habib, 2017). The information in newsletters will also be updated on regular basis so that new motivational messages are provided in order to promote their willingness to contribute to the needs of the organization. I believe that employees will be pleased to see the newsletters which will not be hidden from those who do not have the knowledge regarding their availability. In addition, employees will believe that their needs are taken into account such as the need for personal development and commitment to their roles. This is due to the fact that my current understanding of the employees tells me that most of them do not get information which is communicated during meetings or using verbal means. Furthermore, it will be possible to provide new messages, motivations statements from successful businessmen and individuals who will act as additional source of information about the goals and attitudes that an effective employee needs to possess.

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When the newsletters are printed, they will focus on informing the employees about the need to be motivated towards any task that one performs and the need to ensure one develops a positive attitude towards the organization and the specific tasks to be performed. This is based on the fact that a motivated employee is more likely to make few mistakes, cooperate with other employees, and uphold the values, mission, and vision of an organization. When an employee works with a high level of motivation, customers or clients can understand the commitment of the organization to address their needs (Vdovin, 2017). There are two major options available in the use of newspaper as a technique of communicating motivational information. They include: the printing of newsletters which are posted on common areas such as corridors and meeting rooms, and the printing of newsletters containing the messages of the management in order to promote employee motivation. The use of newsletters will provide the organization with the opportunity to provide motivational message after any news has been communicated to the employees.

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April 19, 2021

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