Incident Command System

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Incident command system (ICS) was introduced for purposes of combating major setbacks in communications when a disaster occurs. The system was developed in the 1970s to assist in responses towards natural calamities and natural disasters. In addition, the system was developed to handle challenges relating to coordinating, commanding and controlling emergency responses to fires that spread very fast in the wild. Therefore, incident command system was formulated to deal with setbacks of slow responses during natural disasters and thus endangering lives.

            Several lessons are learnt from introduction of the Incident Command System. The system teaches about coordinating and planning multiple agencies during a natural disaster. The function is conducted through gathering of information, analyzing and disseminating it to the relevant agencies for response (youtube, 2016). Through proper planning and coordination, ICS has enabled control to in a uniform way for emergency response institutions.

            The system also addresses the issue of many responders reporting to one manager or supervisor. For example, in organizations, when a problem emerges, the incident is likely to be reported to the various managers before reaching the Chief Executive officer (CEO). Incidences and activities should be reported and addressed to the top management only in instances when the organization is a small one (youtube, 2016). Therefore, The ICS is relevant in organization and works best in a bottom-top model compared to top-bottom approach

            Incident command system provides reliable and accurate information during incidences. The system teaches about the importance to provide accurate data and information in order to effectively handle an incident. According to FEMA, managing information is crucial for both large-scale and small incidences. When an incident occurs, the media ought to be provided some space to allow information sharing in a fast and coordinated manner. Though risky, camera men, first responders and reporters should try to access the scenes to try to look for threats or risks.

            According to United States Department of Labor, (2016)The incident command system teaches on the importance for an agency to expand its jurisdiction of control while allowing different experts in various disciplines to control and focus on a threat during an incident. In addition ICS can be used in planned events. In addition, the system teaches about the various and different terminologies used by various agencies. ICS uses English language due to the many meanings associated with various abbreviations. Incident command system also provides a lesson to individuals about the importance of having various structures to assist in response in the various federal organizations.

            ICS explains about incident command where the commander is responsible for formulating the priorities, objectives and strategies for the incident (Buck, et al, 2006). In addition, ICS outlines logistics avail the resources required to attain the set objectives of the incident. Moreover, ICS provides managerial functions in operations, administration and finance. Operations involve strategies and tactics used to ensure that objectives are met while finance and administration describe costs involved in the incident (Cromp, & Suberri, 2011)

            According to Into to Incident Command System, (2016), ICS teaches on the importance of enhancing compatible communications in various platforms and eradicating lines of authority that causes confusion and delays while responding to an incident. ICS can be used with other events for example, Olympics and Super Bowl. Incident Command Systems helps to have a common structure concerning their work and responsibilities while at the scene. Many lives can be saved through an organized system plan whereas a poorly crafted one can affect well-being and safety of individuals.


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December 12, 2023

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